Mandoline suggestions please

ashleysfDecember 16, 2005

I am looking to buy a Mandoline/Slicer. I slice a lot of vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots etc on a daily basis and figured that this could be an useful thing to have. I would like some suggestions on brand names and prices. Thanks.

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I use mine all the time, and I had a "real" mandoline that I finally gave away because I never took it out anymore. The Boerner (there's an umlaut over the "o," hence the "e," so sometimes it googles as "Borner") works great, perfect onion and cucumber slices pile up to the heavens in no time.

Lots of folks IIRC (Washington Post; Gourmet) like the Oxo. Brenner also makes a slicer, but I don't know if it's "v" or slanted.

Check out eGullet for mandoline threads, btw.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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it's "Benriner" - not "Brenner." My bad.

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Thanks, Melic. Those links are helpful.

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I bought the stainless steel one from the Chef's warehouse sale. I can't say I recommend it. The blades are hard to get in and out and every time I do, I end up hitting the blade on the metal housing. :( So, they get dull quickly and a replacement is expensive. I am going to talk to my knife guy about sharpening it, to see if that is an option. I think I would rather have what Melic has, but I spend so much money on this one that I don't feel like i can go buy another for a while.

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Whatever kind you get DO use the plastic piece to push whatever you are cutting through. The blades are very sharp and the vegetable will get small quickly, let your mind wonder for a second and you'll get a very nasty cut.

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Ashleysf, did you decide on one? I've been following your post since I'm looking for one also. I have one of the V slicers, but I don't care for it. It's a cheap one, so that may be part of it.
I was looking at one made by Oxo Goodgrips and wondered if any of you have tried it. I also looked at one of the $150 models, but couldn't find out much about it on the box and I'd rather not spend that much.

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Have you checked out the the Norpro manoline? one positive point with this unit is you can sharpen the blade youself instead of having to buy a new blade like the Oxo, also the Norpro has a adjusting knob as well. I bought a Oxo to tear it down to inspect how it works and desided to return the product, I like the Norpro better, the Zyliss is a throw away toy, I didnt like that one at all,

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