Presto Multi-Cooker/Steamer

marie26December 17, 2004

Has anyone used the Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker Steamer? There is a professional model as well as a regular model.

A friend told me that it is a great item for making chicken soup or cream soup or stocks? She had only used a professional steamer at a restaurant and not this particular item.

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Howdy Marie! I'm way late here but just now found your thread.

We received one of these cookers for Christmas. So far, it's had a pretty good workout. At first, I wondered what I could do with it, it seemed redundant and we don't fry anything. I think it's the thermostat which makes it real handy. I haven't been able to get anything to stick in it yet and it washes like a dream. The first time I used it, the connection on the cord perturbed me until it dawned that it was a safety breakaway feature. Very clever!

I've made a number of soups in it; clear, cream, bisques, etc., for dinner guests and it worked beautifully! I now catch myself looking at most every raw foodstuff as potential soup material! I steamed about 5 lb. of thick winter squash and was amazed that it was plenty done in about 8 minutes. (I then peeled the squash and made a soup of it in said cooker.) I'm looking forward a couple of months when we have fresh garden veggies to steam. I would guess that a minute or two would be sufficient for most items.

In addition cooker will boil water faster than our gas range. So much for electric being slow! I haven't figured out how to steam rice in it yet, the holes in the basket are too large. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your response. How many quarts of water does it hold? I have a chicken soup recipe that calls for 8 quarts of water and would love to try it out in this.

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The cooker holds 6 quarts of water. You could either make a half batch or 'a little less' than the full recipe. Most soups don't depend on exactness as, say, a pastry or the like. Let us know how it turns out!

Before you use your cooker the first time, may I suggest you give it time to air and/or boil a couple of quarts of water in it, dump it, boil more water and so on until you get rid of any smell. Ours had quite a 'plastic' smell to it and took about 4 boil cycles to totally get rid of it.

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I have lowered the amount of water in the recipe before so that wouldn't be a problem.

I was watching Good Eats the other day and Alton was showing how to cook soup in a pressure cooker.

LucySue, I have never used a pressure cooker but I was wondering if I should buy the multi-cooker/steamer or a pressure cooker. Have you ever used a pressure cooker?

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I guess it depends on what/how you like to cook. I haven't used a pressure cooker as much as my Mom has but it's a great way to tenderize. She made many a meal of melt-in-your-mouth beef, chicken and dumplings, corned beef, the best ham you can imagine, and so on. She also made stews, tenderized 'past prime' garden produce, that sort of thing. As a child, it seemed to take FOREVER for it to depressurize enough for me to get that lid off to sample the contents!

I really don't see the multi-cooker and pressure cooker overlapping very much. Personally, I would rather make soup (for instance) in the multi-cooker. I can add things at intervals so nothing gets overcooked. If you enjoy fall-apart pot roasts and things you can put in for a while and walk away, then a pressure cooker may serve you better.

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