How do I email a photo?

michael_so_flDecember 13, 2013

windows 8, click on photo in photo viewer and it says there is no email pgm associated. How do I create association in control panel? thanks

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My experience with W8 is limited, but here's what works in other versions and i think it should be the same

-Find the file name and folder name of the photo file you want to send

-Enter your mail system however you do that (whether a program or a web page)

-Compose or begin a new message

-You should see a button somewhere that says "Attachment", "Add file", "Attach file", an image of a file or a paper clip, or some such. Click on that.

-There should be a File Explorer pop-up window (used to be called Windows Explorer). Navigate to the folder, then the file, you want to attach and select it (either with a double click or by highlighting it and then clicking on the select button).

Finish composing the email and then send it. If you want to practice first, send the email to yourself before composing a new one to send to someone else.

If that doesn't work, post back.

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Do you have an e-mail client installed, i.e.Thunderbird?

If so, in W8 move cursor deep into the lower right corner. The right fly out will appear. Click on Search. Type in association and click the search icon. Click on Change the File Type Associated...... Scroll to .eml. What is the program associated with the .eml file?

If none, click on the .eml file and select Change Program and select the e-mail client you are using.

If you do not have a client and are only using an on-line e-mail account to do the desired task you will have to install one. The only alternative would be the "attach" method with your on-line account.


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I certainly appreciate your help but find it very confusing.
I'm viewing my pictures with windows photo gallery and I don't see where to associate these pics with an e-mail.I use hotmail and do not know how to complete this task.

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You don't need to create an association to email an image.

Instead, open your Hotmail and do as snidely suggested.

If a video will help, try this:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to attach an image in Hotmail

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Sorry Jean I do believe you are not accurate as to the specific original concern.

In the expressed concern, "click on the picture" you absolutely need an association. The application can't guess what you are suppose to use.

If the user is directly using an on-line e-mail service the attachment would be viable, but again that was not the foundation of the concern.

Apples and oranges.


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Thank you everyone, the Youtube video explained it beautifully. I was able to send my first photo. I'm so happy!!

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