Cleaning between the glass door panels on microwave

maxmom96November 30, 2008

It looks like something got between these panels and dripped a bit. It's not terribly noticeable, but it sure bothers me. I've done some research and still don't know whether I can take the panels apart or not.

It's a GE Spacemaker Model LVM1750SM1SS Of course the owner's manual says absolutely nothing about this, except that "moisture between the panels when cooking certain foods. . . may dissipate shortly after cooking. . ."

Why have this double panel? I thought that it was supposed to be sealed, as in a thermal pane window, for safety. Of course I'm an old lady and remember when everything had some sort of warning about deathly rays!

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Microwaves do not require "thermal" sealing. Microwaves pass through glass ... but the metal mesh in the window blocks passage, basically the waves are too large to pass through the mesh. In fact, some early units didn't have a glass in the door at all, just the mesh.

Disassembling the door is not recommended except by trained service techs, as there are safety interlocks and other "seal" mechanisms involved around the edges of the door and the oven cavity that must be properly aligned to prevent radiation leakage.

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