Saucepan vs Covered Casserole

jraz_waDecember 15, 2008

Looking at some new cookware for soon to be induction cooktop kitchen. I'm leaning toward the Demeyere Atlantis line, and I noticed that they have several covered casseroles in sizes that are saucepans in my current cookware - 1.6qt and 2.3 qt. The pan part seems to be shaped exactly the same - straight sides that are fairly high. It's just the handles that are different - long handle on saucepan and two hand grips on the casserole. Therefore, it seems like an ergonomic difference.

My thinking is that the casseroles would be better - more compact to store, easier to move to the oven, better looking if it goes straight to the table. Am I missing something? Is there a reason why I would want a saucepan handle in pots that large? I often tip my smaller ones, and the saucepan handles are nice for that. But I don't think I tip the larger ones much.

Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

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Fori is not pleased

Makes sense to me. Actually, my bigger saucepans don't have long handles and I guess I don't miss it. O, I guess they aren't saucepans then, are they? Ack I have no big saucepans! =)

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Really big sauce pans without a long handle are called 'stock pots' or if low, casserole.

I think I would rather have the long handle sauce pot for sizes under 3 quarts. It's a one-handed move, and easier to tilt, easier to reach on the stove to move, and less likely to get burnt.. etc. Once you get over 3 qts, it's probably better to consider two handles, or at least a helper handle. Over 4 and it's best with casserole handles.

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Anything over 2 quarts I got casseroles. I didn't even know it was an option until I used them at a culinary school. Mine are All-Clad and I love them. They are way easier to store and I am not tempted to carry them with one hand. I find that they are generally too heavy and I shouldn't even try. I do use mine in the oven. I think it works better when I have multiple pots on the stove. Alexr's points all make really good sense, but I haven't run into any problems. I love my casseroles!!

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I like the idea of seeing at what point a saucepan becomes too heavy to really manage with one hand and go from there.

I have been paying attention to my cooking habits more. I definitely don't want to get rid of the saucepans in the smaller sizes.


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