Keurig Coffee Makers

annie1971December 13, 2008

Does anyone have an opinion on the Keurig coffee makers? I'm considering purchasing one. They seem to be well made (and I am willing to spend the money for a great coffee maker in that we've been through a series of really bad experiences with cheap brewers). I'm interested in opinions -- does the one- cup-at-a-time thing work for you (I think it will for me, but I'm not sure for my husband). Have you brewed more than one cup into a vacuum carafe? Would that work? Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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I've got two. I had the original model and recently got the high end unit. Except for the multiple cup sizes and the quiter operation the old one does as good a job as the new one. I love it for parties when everone wants something different. Not sure about your thermos idea, seems to defeat the purpose of it.

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my third one has just broken.
they keep exchanging them ,but the waste is too much to me. i've found awesome success with french press coffee. i have two single cup presses, so hubby and i can drink seperate brews, plus a six cup nissan thermos one for sharing. easy,peasy,delicious, and way cheaper!

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They seem so well made -- in what way did yours break? I'm willing to spend what seems like a good deal of money for a good, problem-free cup of coffee, even if we have to brew one cup at a time. I'm tired of problematic coffee makers! Thanks for sharing your issues with the Keurig coffee maker.

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fallingwaters, please share how yours broke. Even my old one seems very well made and is going into it's fifth year with no problems.

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ours consistently break in the drip thing. seems that if a son, step son or son-in-law is the slightest bit heavy handed, it jams and no longer works. since i can't replace those otherwise wonderful young men, the keurigs are no longer an option here.
try the french presses--honest, they make the absolute best coffee, are inexpensive and take up very little room in the kitchen.

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Thank you all for your opinions! Frankly, I don't know what to do: I'm inclined to get the best deal I can on the single serve coffee maker. I can't decide what to do otherwise.

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When we lived in the Netherlands we were introduced to the Senseo coffee makers and got hooked. My brother has a Keurig. I like the Senseo better because you can brew a double cup if you want and it is enough to fill a commuter mug. We can make a fresh cup of coffee, small or large/caf or decaf, whenever we want. It's just the 2 of us most of the time and we were constantly tossing out half of a carafe of coffee from a standard coffee maker each day. We bought ours from Amazon. I ordered Senseo decaf pods from Amazon, as well, but have a very large stash of Perla dark roast pods that I bought before we moved back to the States. I would recommend the model with the large water reservoir because it's easier when you have company.


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I also have a Senseo and am more than pleased. I have never used the Keurig, but the senseo works wonderfully and it's cheaper.....and so are the pods!
Linda C

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I'll take a look at the Senseo; I like that the Keurig has the option of using bulk coffee in the optional little basket filter.

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I think the Keurig is easier to clean than the Senseo

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Hi Annie,

We had one of the original keurigs and after about 6 or so years (can't quite remember when we got it), it stopped pumping water through. Can't complain - I think we got our monies worth out of it. Called Keurig and they sent a new one at a 33% discount. Definitely didn't want to go without one.

I love the variety of coffee and tea flavors. My husband doesn't drink coffee, so this works well for me. Guests love it. It's especially nice when we have overnight guests - they can come down and get their own coffee. If you get one, check out for great prices on k-cups. I think they carry a lot of the varieties you'll see at the Keurig site, although I still order from them as well.

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Thank you, deegeegirl. for the information and your opinion.

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