Martha Stewarts enameled cast iron?

caflowerluverDecember 28, 2006

I hate to beat this to death, but I am looking for an affordable enameled cast iron dutch oven. I talked to DH about Le Creuset, and he had a heart attack when he saw the prices. Maybe that will be next year's Christmas present.

Well I was at Kmart today looking at something else and passed by the cookware. And what do I see but a 5 qt. Martha Stewarts enameled cast iron dutch oven for $49.99. I was tempted to buy it but wondered about it's quality. And boy what an ugly color. But I could live with that if it is of decent quality. Who knows when Target will get the Lodge's back in, if they ever do here.

I was thinking it will also be a good one to pratice on. It's been about 30 years since I have used cast iron to cook in.

Any comments or complaints?



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Go to the newsstand and check out February's Cooks Illustrated; they review several Dutch ovens.

They found the $39 item from Target was nearly as good as the Le Creuset which cost over $200. If there's a Target near you, check it out.

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Another option if you have a TJ Max near you. I've seen them there in all colors and sizes. $29-$49 range. Maybe Marshalls?

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The local Target doesn't carry them and never has unfortunately. And online the Lodge 6qt, when available, is $49.99 plus shipping. That is the same price as the MS 5qt at Kmart, so no big savings there. What I don't understand is why the Lodge 6qt is lower in price online then the 5qt which is $99?

No TJ Max or Marshalls around here. I would love to get one of their cheaper ones to try them out.

Thanks everyone.

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I don't know about the MS enameled CI, but the regular CI in her K-Martha line is pure junk. DH got me some of it for me one Christmas (mostly as a joke, since he knows how I feel about her), and it was really, really bad quality, very thin, imported cast iron. Very poorly made. As have been most of the MS stuff he's gotten me over the years. Frankly, I wouldn't waste my $$$ on anything with her name on it--it's a sure sign that it's the cheapest product, with an overly high price for the quality you're getting.

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azzalea - Thanks, I think, for the information.

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A different opinion here. I have a piece of MSE enameled cast iron (5 quart round Dutch oven). So far, it has performed well. Granted, the battleship-like-gray color is not the most pleasing, and the quality of the piece doesn't quite measure up to La Creuset. But, I have made numerous dishes in it and the results have been fine. I have an oval cast iron piece by Nomar from France. Does it work any better? Not to me. But then again, I have a Member's Mark triple-ply all clad set of cookware. A friend has a set of All-Clad. We did a side-by-side comparison (real-life on the stove) and my Member's Mark works just as well. Really. And I know those folks who spent a boatload of dough on their All Clad will be shaking their heads saying "not possible". But believe it, sista'. I actually like the handles on my set better, so it's a good thing because my set cost $400.00 less than the All Clad. Look, I figure it this way, give it a try. If it doesn't meet your expectations, sell it at a tag sale, find a lovely piece of La Creuset at TJ Maxx's, Marshall's, or at a La Creuset outlet, and call it a day.

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mrsmarv - Thanks for your review of the pot. That is what I was looking for in a reply. Someone who had one and had used it so could give an honest critique.

I figured, what the heck, and bought the MS enameled cast iron 5 qt. DO. I mainly got it to try out that new "No Knead Bread" recipe and it worked great with that. Next I am going to try an Apricot Chicken recipe in it. I am going to put it through its paces for the next 30 days and if I have any problems I can take it back. And yes, the color sure is ugly. Don't know why they picked that color.

I will keep my eyes open for any good deals on the Le Creuset but I am never going to pay full price for it. I just can't justify that kind of expense. The cheaper ones, though maybe not as nice looking, are alright with me if they work as well.

I have 30+ year old Revereware copper bottom pots. Not as nice as All Clad, but I can't justify buying really expensive ones to replace them since they still work fine. Though I must admit I have been looking at the Costco set, which have got some good reviews. I have a newly remodeled kitchen and Wolf range so would like some new heavy duty pots and pans. I will also look into Member's Mark triple-ply all clad set since it got a good review from you.


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clare - glad I could be of some assistance. I must say that since you are fortunate enough to have a Wolf range, get some nice cookware for deserve it. Actually, I think your Wolf will "smoke" your Revere Ware to outer space. That's some powerful range you got there...enjoy it ;o)

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mrsmarv - Smoking is right. My old Revere pots are too small for these big burners. I have to keep the flame on low, afraid of burning the plastic handles. I have put up a new post asking for advice on new pots. I think it is time.

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Just FYI to anyone that is interested. I made 2 loaves of the "No Knead Bread" and it worked fine. This Sunday I am going to make a Apricot Rasberry Chicken recipe in it that cooks 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. I figure that is a good test of how well it will roast meat. I am also going to try a dessert recipe later. I am putting it through it's paces to see how it works. So far it cleans up like a breeze.

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Martha Stewart is cheaply made in China. Staub is THE BEST! and Le Creuset is almost as good! These pieces will last you a lifetime so don't scrimp or you may find yourself buying the one you really wanted in the future

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Mine is enameled, but not what I wanted. I wanted good old black cast iron. Easy to clean. Put the oven on clean, stick that pot in there, and DONE. That enamel is impossible!! My kids thought they kicked me up a notch because all I wanted was a black campfire ready dutch oven. Noooooooo. They give me this fancy shmancy red thingy with enamel. I CANT CLEAN IT!! How can I put this pretty thing in a campfire? Drives me nuts!!

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I was lucky enough to get two Sand colored Martha Stewart DOs in a DEC 2008 Macys sale via Amazon. Both 7 Quart, one round ($32), the other oval ($36). The roughest thing I've made that was easy to clean was braciole... browned it, and finished it in the oven. Was a cinch to clean, so my experience was opposite of desertdance's

I also have a 5 Qt Lodge preseasoned DO... I prefer the enamel for cleanup.

The MSE was so inexpensive that I had to try them. They're not that bad... and for the price I paid, they're great.


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I bought a 7 quart oval MS dutch oven for Christmas. I made one dish in it and a crack developed in the enamel. When I returned it to Macy's the clerk told me that they've had many complaints and returns on this line.

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I've had a Martha Stewart 5 qt round enamaled cast iron dutch oven for about 5 years. I think it works fine. I've had some minor staining of the interior. My boyfriend decided to soak in bleach to clean, and now I get some rust along the top edge if I do not wipe dry right away. I've told him that bleach and cast iron do not mix. I also have a 6 3/4 qt oval Le Crueset enamaled and 3 qt Lodge enamaled saucepan (it's shallow with a lid). I like the Lodge, but I've not used it a lot, only got it last year. The interior is the whitest of the three. The Le Crueset works well, but it only gets the occasional use. Boy is that thing heavy when filled up.

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I have none of this cookware, but when I get something really hard to clean I spray it with oven cleaner let it set and then have an easy clean up. I've used this method on stainless steel, pyrex, and corning ware. Stains eliminated.

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