If you have a KA stand mixer, do you need a hand mixer?

catlover5December 29, 2012

If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, do you still have a small handheld mixer? I have a tiny kitchen and am trying to downsize! If so, what brand? Thank you.

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Yes, still use my hand mixer and immersion blender. I use my KA mixer for my heavy duty stuff-bread doughs, cookie doughs,etc. I use the HM for cake batters, pancake batters, lighter stuff. I'll use the immersion blender when pureeing hot soups in the stockpot or chopping small amounts of nuts or herbs in the chopping cup. NancyLouise

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Thank you. I do have an immersion blender too and a regular blender that also has a food processor bowl but I have yet to use that. So far I have left the KA on the counter to encourage me to use it on a more regular basis but I think if I end up putting it away, a hand mixer would be the way to go because it would be so much easier "to take out".

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Only YOU can really answer that question. It depends upon the type and quantity of cooking you do.

I have 3 kitchen aids and one hand mixer and yes, I need them all. The KA's are all different models and sizes, so have different uses. The hand mixer is great for quick things like whipping cream or for when you don't want to get the big machine dirty.

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I agree about getting the big machine dirty. I use my KA frequently, but sometimes I just want to whip something together without all the "fuss."

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Rarely use a hand mixer. BUT when I found a 7-speed, KA hand-mixer (BRAND new, in box) at a thrift store for $5... I jumped on it!

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I use the hand mixer more than I use the stand mixer, except that I keep the cheese grating attachment on the stand mixer, and that gets used almost every day. I also have the meat grinder and ice cream maker attachments, but those do not get used as much. My immersion blender (also KA) has a whisk attachment, and that is great for whipping small amounts of cream, but can get messy if not careful.

I mix pancake batter by hand - I never thought of using a mixer for that.


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