Our New Living Room Sofa Set

canarybird01June 10, 2006

Lee asked if I was going to post a photo of our new sofa set - so I just took a couple now. :-)

Our last sofa set was old and was in a state of collapse as it took a couple of years to find one that we liked which also had a headrest behind so we could lean back when watching TV - all two of them :-).

We had to wait a couple of months while the chairs were made up to order but they finally arrived this past week. A little big for our living room arrangement but there is still plenty of space to move things back and spread them out a little more.

- a view of one corner of the room.

- one of the new chairs.


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Sharon, how nice! I love red, and your set makes a bold red statement! Love 'em!

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Oh, Sharon, I like that a lot! The color is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

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I like it too, so cheerful and tropical. You must smile every time you walk into the room. I know just what you mean about having to shop for a while until you find what you want. It took us at least that long to find the table and servers for our breakfast room.

Every time I see a photo of your headsets, I silently thank you. I'm loving ours - no more arguments about volume and now Max goes to get the paper from the drive or something from the garage without waiting for a commercial.


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Have you thought about putting one of the TVs in another room? We have a 47" widescreen TV in the LR, I have a 27" regular TV in my BR, and DBs has a 21" regular TV in his BR. We tend to watch the same shows in the LR, where we have surround sound. We actually have more DVD players than we have TVs because the surround sound came with a DVD player, and we already had three DVD players. One is in the garage, but I don't think we'll get a TV for there.

Do you ever have earthquakes from the volcano? I would be scared with books that high! I try to keep things low, after the last disaster we had. It also looks like you have a fireplace. Do you ever use it? Fireplaces are not common here, and I've never had one here, although I did in San Francisco, but not Austin or Houston. We used it a lot in SF, where it is cold much of the time.


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I love red! I love red furniture!

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Beautiful room Sharon. Your fp is gorgeous and your couchs have a really clean almost retro look to them. Is the fabric a chenille? On my monitor your fabric appears almost a paprika color (some orange in there?)?

I think we have a similiar aesthetic. I just painted my LR white, it has the darker woodwork and I'm using splashes of red to spice it up.

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Lee and Pauline...
I was surprised that the colour fitted in so well and how much I have grown to like it. It is almost a paprika colour which is seen better in the second photo, as the weave is a dark red-orange and lighter orange stripes, with orange pillows as part of the set. The material is a removable, washable blend of polyester and silicon called "fiber silk" (sic). Lee the headsets are great aren't they. I had a cordless one and would go in the kitchen and still hear the soundtrack but it eventually kept losing the station so I'm back on a long cord now, until I can get a better quality cordless headset.

Yes that is a fireplace, but we don't use it as it doesn't draw well. However I do burn a group of candles in there at Christmas and hope one day to find a fireplace expert who can correct the chimney so it doesn't smoke as I love to use a fireplace in winter.

Lars we had a slight earth tremor about 10 years ago and apart from those small ones which are discernible only to seismic sensors, we don't have earthquakes here from the volcano. But we always keep our fingers crossed.

As for bookshelves ...lol...we have plenty of those and we tend to build them up to the ceiling wherever there is a space. Wolf has all four walls of his study now covered so we don't even have to worry about painting or papering that room any more. I'm also doing pretty well at covering the walls of my study....you can see that I'm not a tidy person.

We don't worry about the shelves falling over as most are bolted to the wall.
We do need to use small stepladders to get to the top shelves though.

Lars we don't want TVs in other rooms and we've never had one in our bedroom. We watch TV sitting together on the sofa where it's more comfortable. As we are watching different programs we need two TVs. (I don't watch soccer games LOL!) I know that they're not attractive to look at but we arrange the furniture for our own comfort rather than for the appearance. If we have company then we push the TVs over a bit out of the way. We each have our stereo and CDs in our own rooms along with computers and printers so we're independent that way.


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Sharon, if you're willing to experiment; we have a fp about the same size & shape as yours. IF we fully open the damper when first lighting the wood, the room smokes up terribly. The trick we've found is to only open the damper a bit, and then once the smoke starts to be drawn upwards, open it fully.

Hope this can help you!

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OMG - I LOVE THEM!!!! Fabulous color, and they have a great retro look. I'm jealous!

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It's supposed to be better not to have TVs in the bedroom, and so I appreciate that! I would read more if I didn't have a TV in mine.

Your sofa looks more vermillion than red - it that accurate, or are they more red? It is a nice color, either way.

It's good you have your bookcases bolted - we have tall furniture strapped to the walls, but that won't stop books from flying across the room, if you have a 6.8 like we did. Africa does look quiet, compared to California


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Pauline thank you for that tip about the fireplace. Trouble is we've never found a damper on this one. I have a feeling that they didn't build one :-). But I hope to get it looked at one day. It has the cutest little chimney on the roof..lol. I hope to see smoke coming out of it one day.

I checked the tags and the bill for the sofa and they call the colour 'cayenne' which is quite appropriate. The furniture was built in Valencia and is under their 'contemporary' range, model 'Sheraton'. (Link to that model on their website.)

I took two of the sofa cushions outside on the patio to show their exact colour in daylight. Here you see clearly the colouring.

Thanks for compliments on the colour :-).....it's really growing on me too. I like having the edge piping around the large cushions in the same orange material as the smaller ones. I want to find a similar finely striped material for a curtain to my arched study doorway where I used to have heavy gold velour curtains on a brass rod. They became discoloured so I took them down and would like a pair in this 'cayenne' stripe. The walls are a pale mushroom and there are dark wooden baseboards and a brown textured ww carpet.

I'm sitting here in my pajamas - Sunday 12 noon and haven't even had coffee yet, let alone breakfast!
That's what happens when you turn on your computer as soon as you jump out of bed.
At least I gave the cats some food...lol!


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Gorgeous furniture, Sharon..........that is a color I could live with very easily.

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I love red/paprika colored furniture! Beautiful!

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I love your new furniture, Sharon. Fabulous color!

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It's gorgeous. Love it. Makes me want to come over and watch TV with you guys. After going to one of your restaurants, of course.

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