how to self clean a Bertazzoni oven?

kairous1November 26, 2007

Hi there:

just used my Bert to cook a turkey so oven is a mess. I tried using a sponge to wipe all the mess but didn't work. can someone out there with a bert or pro stove give me some advise how I can clean my oven?

can I used oven off? I tried warming the oven but some some grime came off.



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Hi - No longer a Berta owner but noticed no one replied. I had heard that Dawn Power Dissolver worked great for the oven. (Can't find it here) Also, there is fume free Easy Off.

Also read that you can put a glass baking dish in a cold oven filled with ammonia. Let is sit overnight. Somehow softens the goo for easier cleaning. Be sure not to turn it on with that in there though!

Another - baking soda and water, Bon Ami or Cameo.

good luck!

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