seasoning and cleaning wood cutting boards

buffylouDecember 29, 2005

OK, yeah, I know ... poly is safer, and I have a couple of poly boards, but I still like wood best for rolling out and cutting pastry and cookies. What is the best way to clean them? Also I just bought a new board, to replace one that I love that is coming apart at the seams (literally) - how do I "season" it? Thanks in advance!

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Actually it seems that wood is actually safer than poly for cutting boards.
I just wash my wood boards with a scrubber and never use tham for raw meat.
If you want a board that doesn't "come apart at the seams" buy one made out of a solid wide plank.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Safe wood

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I have to agree with Lindac. Wood has been proven safer than poly boards, but it is a good idea to use two - one for meat only. You can use mineral oil to coat your board and if stains do occur, you can always sand it, clean it, and rub in mineral oil. Don't use vegetable oil. It will turn rancid. As you found out, cutting on a good wooden board is FUN!!!!

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As with all wood boards and cooking utensils, I advise that you clean it immediately after use and dry very well with a towel, don't air dry, then store so that there is good air circulation around the wood piece. I think the mineral oil rub is fine only if needed, if the wood feels dry and rough. I've got 4 or 5 wood boards that I use all the time, one over 25 years old, and I've never had to rub them with oil.

Never soak a board in water or put in the dishwasher.

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Mineral oil! Thanks ... I never use the wood boards for meat, but for everything else!! Thanks for the info.

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I read to put a board in the micro to dry it out and kill any bugs.....
Never tried it...but "they" say it's a good thing to do....
I also have several solid wood boards ( not planked seams) that have been in the dishwasher many many times.....I am sure it's better to not do that...but.....
Linda C

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Definitely oil your wooden cutting board as soon as you buy it. Impregnating the board with mineral oil helps to prevent water & various juices from soaking into the board. This not only extends the life of the board, but also helps to prevent staining, and makes cleanup easier. You should oil it several days in a row when it is new, and then occasionally ( several times a year, if used often ). For cleaning, it's good to scrape it with a metal spatula, then scrub it. It will last longer if you don't soak it in water. I would never put a good wooden board in the dishwasher.

You will find that a good wooden cutting board is easier on your knife blades, and is easier to use, as the blade will sink in a bit, facilitating a clean cut through the food. Also, if it's a nice heavy one, it will be more stable than a light plastic board. I personally prefer wood because of the health concerns surrounding plastic, in addition to these advantages.


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Can bamboo go in the dishwasher? I have two and have never put them in the dishwasher, but I would if I could...

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yes, my friend who works in the f&b industry did tell me once that you can microwave the boards and even those cleaning sponges for a few seconds to kill off germs, of course if your board is too big it won't work...

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I read that a weak bleach solution followed with vinegar is the best way to really clean a cutting board. The vinegar removes the bleach smell.

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I just got the Breville cutting board that goes on top of the toaster, and it says to clean it with a damp towel with dish washing soap and never to soak it in water or it can come apart. It also stated to rub it with mineral oil to restore its colour.

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"Food Grade" or "USP Grade" mineral oil is what you should use and not just "any type" of mineral oil. USP Grade is what is available in the pharmaceutical section of most stores. This will be written on the bottle.

Semper Fi-cus

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