Comments on Sperstone clay bakers, please!

Millie_36December 24, 2004

Just wondered if anyone on the forum has one and what you think of it. So far I love mine. It gives me the lightest 100% whole grain loaf that I have ever made as long as I bake it all the way with the cover on. I make three loaves at a time. The two that go into regular bread pans raise faster, so they go in the oven first. I can't say how it would do if started in a cold oven, as the instructions call for, with the recipes that were included. I believe the cold start would give some extra oven-spring to the heavy artisan type breads, but has not proven necessary with my everyday white wheat bread. I spray water on the heavy rye types before placing in the oven, but not on the everyday bread.

Makes a mean Italian bread, also, but I don't do "white bread" very often.

I have taken advantage of the bad weather to stay in and play in the kitchen. DH is not complaining one bit. ;O)

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OOpps! Superstone, that is...

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