Adding Text to Photos in PAINT (pics)

canarybird01June 14, 2006

Before you start, be sure the photo you want to use has been resized to the desired size.

If you need help with that I can post other text I have about resizing in Irfanview.

With the PAINT program opened on your screen begin:

1. Action: Left click on FILE - then OPEN

Result: Opens browser window. Browse to desired photo.

2. Action: L.Click on desired photo then OPEN.

Result: Photo opens in Paint workspace.

3. Choose the text option by clicking on the large 'A' at left and then your choice of a solid text box behind your lettering (upper icon) or a transparent box as illustrated here (lower icon).

4. Action: L.Click on photo where you wish text to begin.

Result: Dotted line box appears with cursor at top left corner.

5. Stretch box to fit desired size by pulling on tiny blue dots on all 4 sides when double arrow appears as cursor is passed over blue dots.

6. Action: With cursor inside text box, right click and choose 'text toolbar' from the menu that just dropped down.

Result: Text toolbar appears at top of screen - (seen in photo 7).

7. Choose font and size, bold, italic or underline from text toolbar at top and then text colour from palette at screen bottom left.

8. Type in text. You can correct with back arrow and 'Undo' from the edit menu at top of screen.

9. When done, L.Click outside of text box and dotted lines of box will disappear.

  1. L.Click FILE - then SAVE AS and save your photo with a filename different from the original.

I don't think anyone will have a problem with this but if something isn't clear, please ask :-).


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Thank you so much Sharon for doing this. I know it takes a lot of time to do all those screen shots and upload them as well as think through and type in the directions. And I'm guessing that you did the arrows with a freehand drawing tool in Paint, right? Ive all ready printed this and will copy and paste it all into Word and save later today.

This all seems perfectly clear to me and I can't wait to try it. I won't be home until after 10:00 tonight from my inv. group meeting but you can be sure tht the next meal I cook and photograph will have a label on it.


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Right Lee...
The little arrows are definitely freehand lol and done in Paint. It's all so easy to do, so now I look forward to seeing your results.


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For Windows users, you find Paint by going to


and Paint is a little pot with brushes.

Sharon, thanks so much for doing this. I didn't know Paint could do so many things, and it's never discussed in a lot of the computer courses I've had over the many years. I may have a $$$ copy of Photoshop at home but that is far from an intuitive program...imho.

(Email on its way to you with a question re the conversion of a 'Print Screen' into a .jpeg.) Maureen

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Maureen, Sharon may have a differant way but I paste the print screen into Irfanview, resize, and save as a jpg and then upload. I hope she'll post how she does it here.


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I sent off my e-mail to Maureen before I saw that you'd be interested in the way I do Print Screen. I also used to save and paste into Irfanview until Wolf showed me a little German program he used. It saves you having to paste each time you save a screenshot and it is so easy to then save a series of screenshots one after the other. Here's the letter and explanation I sent to Maureen:

I have been using a little German program called
"Snapsaver" for an easy print screen function. The icon sits down in my
tray at screen bottom and I call it up when I need it. With just two
clicks, - one to call up the program and the next one to save the screen -
it takes a screen copy and saves it to a predetermined folder where I keep
all screenshots, so that eliminates having to cut and paste a screen each
time you do a print screen. It will take as many shots as you like, just
as long as you press the 'print screen' button, and then after a long pause
it turns off until you click the icon to 'wake it up' again. Here is one
download site at the link below .....I think all commands are in English but I'll go back and
check as I see this page is in German.

Usually after taking a screenshot I go to the saved snap in the snaps folder
and use my resident default pictureviewer and cropper program (VuePrint) -
and crop out any unnecessary edges from the screen capture and resize the
page to around 800 x 600, which all together sharpens the image and
clarifies any blurry text, then I save the cropped image into one of my
photo files.

VuePrint is an old program and costs very little I think I paid $40...from
Hamrick Software and it is so transparent, yet
wonderful as it sits there in the background without being noticed but as
soon as I bring up a photo, it will crop and zoom in or out, resize, flip
over or mirror image a photo. I think you can still download a test version
of that program before paying anything. I just noticed that Hamrick's website is promoting his scanning program (VueScan) but at the top centre there is a link to VuePrint. This is such a neat little program!

I'm happy to answer any further questions :-).


Here is a link that might be useful: Snapsaver Download Site

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Thank you Sharon, I'm hoping to try to download that tomorrow night when both Max and will be home earlier and he may be able to give me a little help with the German. Unfortunately I know more about computers than he does so there may still be some technical terms that could throw us. I'll let you know how it goes.


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I don't think there is anything in German that you have to worry about and as this is a tiny program (about 80 kb) it will download and install in moments. There is an English language option in the program.

It's so useful because you can save multiple screens as fast as your finger can press the Print Screen button without having to paste and save each screen separately into Irfanview. You know each screen will be saved to the file you set up originally as the one to receive screenshots. It's been a great help to me and I'm sure you'll find the same.

I just don't understand why it hasn't been discovered yet on an English download site as it seems to be so popular in Germany.

Here is the little screen that pops up when you activate the program by clicking on the tray icon.

Here you can change any options. I just click the red X to take it off the screen and then you're set to press the Print Screen button as many times as you want and the capture is saved in JPG or PNG format (your choice) to the designated folder.


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WooHoo, I did it! Thanks Sharon for posting everything. I ran out of time and couldn't download snapsaver today, but I'll do it soon.

I did have a problem moving the text box once I had finished typing. I don't have a problem with this in other programs. For example in my pic of tonights salad in WFD I would have liked to have moved the words to the right a little. Once I had the words typed, I couldn't get the text box in a form that would let me drag it. I closed and re-did the pics of the entree and dessert to get the text where I wanted it but you should be able to move the whole box. I didn't have any trouble resizing text or changing the font color. Do you know what I might have done wrong?

Thanks again,


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Lee as far as I can see, you can't drag the text box once you've typed in the text. Maybe that's because it is such a simple program without some of the options seen in bigger programs. If anybody knows how to do it, please speak up.
In the Help pages of Paint it doesn't mention being able to relocate the text by dragging.

You can do a cut and paste however. You have to with SHIFT and cursor, click outside the box to remove the dotted box frame, redraw the dotted box in the new location and left click into the box. Not as easy as just dragging the box with text to move it over but I haven't found how to do that, if it is possible.

BTW your text and photos look great in your recent WFD posts !


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Thanks Sharon, of course! Why didn't I think of that, so logical. If you noticed the time of my post you'll understand why I didn't think of trying that. My brain had already gone to sleep!


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Wow thanks for the tutorial! Lemme see if I can do it now.....

Yahoooo! I can do it - thanks!!

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