All-Clad Roasting pan

slaingDecember 6, 2005

I just purchased an SS All-Clad large roasting pan and wonder if we can use this not only in the oven but on the gas cooktop?


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I use mine both places--makes great gravy.

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What leel says :)

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I use mine on top all the time. However, you should know that they have had some problems with warping. Mine warped due to cooktop use. I thought it was an isolated incident until I read that the Cook's Illustrated folks had found the same thing. Williams-Sonoma very happily replaced my roasting pan with a brand new one. My old one was about 6-7 years old. Maybe they've corrected the problem since then. We'll see... I have to say that I love it none-the-less.

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I read somewhere that the pan isn't clad, just stainless.

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Is this one of their pieces that is made in China? Mine came with my oven (Dacor) and I use it for turkeys, etc. Can't say that I enjoy it any more than my other roasters, but I feel like the oven company was telling me "Use This One." I'm not a huge fan of All-Clad, though, mostly because of handle and rivet design. I have used pan drippings from it to make gravy, but I scrape them off and use a saucepan on the flame because of reading about other folk's warping problems.

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