Grandma's Peonies and Aunt Esther's Roses

annie1992June 25, 2006

Dawn (whiteorchid) posted a picture of an old fashioned rose at her house. I thought it looked just like the one I have here in Michigan, it's older than I am. What do you think, is it the same?

I've never known it as anything except "Aunt Esther's Rose", it grows like a tree, clear up over the top of the woodshed.

Here is that rose's "sister", just as fragrant, just as big, just a bit lighter in color:

It also looks like San and I have "twin" peonies, very nearly, the ones at the farm bloomed last week and are nearly done now. They are very large, about 4 inches across and have a wonderful smell.

The first two are similar, but one is actually quite a bit lighter in color than the other. The last one is my favorite, white tinged with pink. As the flower opens, the pink gets less and less noticeable until it's totally white when fully opened.

These are all at the farm, I have a peony here in town that's grown for 20 years but it hasn't bloomed yet.


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Is that a John Deere tractor? It looks like one DF owns. Where my parents live it is a bit too hot for roses to do well, or at least they would need a lot of water through the dry seasons. I love the fragrance of roses, which unfortunately (at least here) is not transmitted through the 'net.


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Yes, Lars, that is John Deere green you see there. It's a 1950s or 60s something tractor, so it probably is just like your father's tractor.

Those roses smell so good, the whole yard is just full of the aroma while they are in bloom.


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Annie that's a great looking rambling rose you have growing over the shed! I have always wanted roses that grew like that but this is not the climate I'm afraid. There are so many varieties that I wouldn't be able to name that one though.

Peonies are also favourite flowers of mine as we had them in the garden when I was small.
I loved to pick them (heads only) and put them in a jar of water for my mom. :-)
I can still remember their scent. Yours are lovely.


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I can almost smell those roses! The peonies are beautiful! I love the white one.

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I think I'm in love with Peonies now. They're lovely AB. I had an old issue of MS Living, featuring Peonies, and I thought - back then - how much I'd like to have a bunch of those in my backyard. I've killed several contenders since, so I'd pretty much given up trying to grow them. But, I think I'll have to give it one last try, for old times' sake.


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That white peony looks like my favorite-- just a tinge of pink as it opens then pure white - & huge . Mine originally came from my SS's yard-- when they bought an old house to fix up they ripped out a huge hedge of rose & white peonies-- I happened to be over there the next day and rescued 3 big pails full of roots-- peddled them out to people I didn't even know after suppling friends & family .

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