Help with choosing Appliances: Wolf, Thermador, CC, BlueStar ??

LisafromLANovember 1, 2012

Hi All

We are currently building a new house and I am started to look for a pro-style appliances. Given our current design, looking for a 48" range, a 48" refrigerator, and a DW. Below are some of the aspects specific to us:

1. Do a fair amount of (messy :) ) cooking. Ease of cleaning important.

2. Don't particularly care for low heat performance.

3. Great room: Kitchen and family room - low noise in important since it will be the primary family gathering and TV viewing area

4. We plan to live the the house for about 5 years before planning to sell it. Houses in our do command a significant $$ but lots of buyers are move up buyers who are likely to be first time user of pro-grade appliances.

I have spent a couple of weeks reading through all the reviews and am concurrently enlightened and thoroughly confused :-)

Below are our thoughts and would appreciate fellow forum members feedback:

1. It looks like CC and Bluestar are current favorites among the forum members but we want to balance the brand recognition ( Wolf/Thermador) with bang for buck/performace ( Bluestar/CC).

2. It looks like Wolf provides the best balance of cooking performance and brand recognition and Thermador seems to be second in brand recognition, among masses (not necessarily forum members and cooking aficionados.).

3. We are interested in a wood panels covering our fridge. So, options are - subzero ( old technology, good/great cooling/freshness), Thermador ( Freedom collection) and ??

4. Hoods: Vent-a-hood seems to have the best balance between noise performance , ease of cleaning and cost.

Current thoughts:

1. It looks like if we go with best balance of performance ( read: both functionality, cleaning, service) and brand recognition: Wolf range and Thermador freedom refrigerators seem to come ahead.

2. If we throw in the packages, it looks like Thermador comes ahead of Wolf/SubZero.

Are we on the right track ?

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For resale the only brand the makes a difference is Sub-Zero. Many people strongly prefer SZ to other built-ins. Look at resale value on craigslist of SZ vs other built in fridges and compare that to resale value of Wolf ranges/ovens to other pro-style ranges/ovens.

If your neighborhood has mostly built-in fridges then not have one will ding your value a bit.

I guess you are saying SZ has old tech becuase it does not use a variable speed compressor? Thermador 48" built-in uses 580kw/year while SZ 48" built-in uses 676 kw/year for a difference of about $3 per year. Does it offer same or better performance?SZ has some very nice tech features including a very advanced air purification system.

If you have one eye on resale get the SZ with the big shiny grill on top not a paneled one.

For the rest get what you really want to use.

Resale between different brands of pro-style ranges,ovens,and dishwashers means close to squat IMO.If you ask potential buyers they may say they prefer Wolf because that is probably the only brand they know but are they willing to pay extra dollars for it? IMO the answer is no. I am even more certain that high end home buyers are not willing to pay a premium for Thermador.

If you think VAH magic lungs are easy to clean make sure you have an appliance salesman give you a demonstration on how to clean then have him show you how you clean a tradional rangehood. I would not buy a VAH.

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