Staub braiser - am I doing something wrong?

catlover5December 29, 2012

I just treated myself to two pieces of Staub cookware from WS - the braiser/everyday pan and the dutch oven which hasn't been used yet because I received a defective pan and they are sending an exchange but they are beautiful.

I cooked beef stew - husband said flavor was excellent but the meat was tough and the carrots were still hard after cooking over low heat covered for 3 hours . . I always made it in my stainless steel Calphalon and it was oh so tender (but maybe less flavorful?) I used low heat and kept it covered. I did not really brown the meat as I would have in my stainless pan.

Prior to that, I made sausage and peppers. I usually really brown the sausages but I was afraid to use high heat and "burn" them for fear of ruining the black matte surface. My husband said it was terrible (well, actually "not one of your better meals" but I thought it was terrible) and it was always one of my go to dishes. When I added the wine to deglaze, nothing really happened. Again, I used low heat and extended the cooking time.

I made something else first, I don't recall, but I wasn't thrilled with that either. DH is normally very easy to please but I feel like my food was better in the stainless pot. I am also not used to cooking with plastic, nylon or silicone utensils.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

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I have used Le Creuset since the 1970s and never had a problem with it. Honest to goodness, I have never burned anything in a Le Creuset pot. DH and the boys got me some Staub pieces a couple of years ago because they thought they were prettier than the LC. The enamel is beautiful and coq au vin in a grenadine pot with a rooster handle is an ooh la la presentation. However, I have burned the center bottom of two beef stews and ended up with tough meat from the area away from the burn. Despite being even heavier (or so I think) than the LC, the Staub does not conduct and equalize the heat as well as the LC. I'm going to try using a flame tamer type iron disc on my burner. If that does not work, I'm just going to return to LC for stews. Not sure whether this helps you, but I commiserate about stew problems in Staub.

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Thank you kitchendetective. I initially purchased a LC knockoff from Walmart that I believe I saw on Cook's Country; however, it stained on first use and the edge rusted so I returned it. It had the light interior and my immediate thought was this is not for me although I would certainly rather cook with a light interior than a dark. I was going to say I thought the Staub was lighter in weight than LC but I have never actually cooked with LC, only held it in my hands drooling over it in the store! I am going to try another stew for this evening and see how it goes. Surprisingly I have not burned anything and the pan is very easy to clean; however, I have not developed that browning (fond?) that I so desire. They certainly are beautiful pans but I have a small kitchen so I have limited space and need highly functioning tools and all I really want is to end up with delicious tasting food! Happy & Healthy New Year!

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i wouldn't hesitate browning or searing in the enameled cast iron pieces.
they can certainly take the abuse.

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