American ordering Bluestar from Costco Canada website

needinfo1November 19, 2012

I'm pretty interested in the Bluestar, but the same range as offered on the Costco Canada website is about $1000 more from dealers in the U.S. Has anyone in the U.S tried ordering one of these from Costco? If so, how did you work it out? Was the financial saving worth the hassle? Winnipeg is about a 7 to 8 hour drive from us, so I suppose it might be doable to drive there. Thanks.

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Have you verified that the Winnepeg Costco actually has the Blue Stars in stock? A couple of months ago, I called the Candadian Costco nearest to me (Regina) and was told that Blue Stars were not stocked in the Regina, Saskatoon or Calgary warehouses, and had to be purchaed online. I was told that BS stoves were only stocked in the warehouses in BC and Ontario, that the stoves had to be purchased from Sotco online and delivered to a Canadian address. Have you verified the stove is carried in the Winnepeg warehouse?

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Nope, JWvideo, I haen't taken this basic step. I suppose I should do this before I even try to think this through any further. It is probably an online-only product since I know our local Costcos don't have the NXR ranges on the floor.

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Given that the Bluestar, if you got one via some Canadian address paying 12% sales tax, would be a grey market no warranty item back in the US, possibly with some waived US taxes on exports now reimposed, would not work too well.

Better strategy: have a look at what is sold and serviced in your area and see what is available from dealers and outlets who deal in floor model,refurbished and used items. Plus private sellers.

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Grey market. No warranty. Guess that is the end of this idea. And, I'd also wondered about how much duty I'd have to pay since this is more than the duty free allowance for two people on a short trip.

Thanks for all the help.

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