Cast Iron Griddle

jdavis37December 25, 2010

We bought a Capital Culinarian Rangetop and I bought my wife a large cast iron griddle to cover the burners ( 2 burner griddle ). The burner grates are approx 11.25 inches by 22 inches. However, the griddle I bought was way too big ( 24 inches by 16 inches ), and I am now seeking a suitable alternative that will fit our burners. Our burners get REALLY hot and I'd prefer as large a griddle as reasonably possible. Thx in advance!

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vintage griswold griddles, which seem to be favored by many in this forum, come in a number of sizes. #8 is 20' x 10 1/4' and #9 is 22' x 10 1/4'. I would think the no. 9 would be fine.

They are available pretty readily on ebay but are expensive!

let me know what you end up with 'cause I'll be doing the same when my CC rangetop with 4 burners and griddle arrives hopefully in a few months.

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