Canadian users: any good knife blocks on sale?

ajmorrowDecember 8, 2006

Im looking for a set for my parents for christmas, and i have looked at many home stores but havent really seen anything good.

Now, homesense right now has a bunch of henckle professional "s" series knives (2nd grade), individually. Prices are pretty cheap, for comparison, an 8" chef knife was 25 bucks compared to i think around 100 at kitchen stuff plus (which is supposedly 25% off henckle stuff)

would i be best off buying a seperate block and all the knives seperatly?

As well, another store which i cant think of off the top of my head has many knife block sets, several of them forged for good prices

the knives though, upon holding them in my hand are not too nice.

do i have to spend upwards of 200+ for a good set of forged knives?

on a side note, those calphalon japanese katana knives are the nicest piece of kitchenware i have ever seen

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Doesn't appear so.

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I just went to and saw lots of empty blocks, as well as filled ones, on sale. Use the search term, "knife block."

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