All-Clad handles - OUCH!

jsfoxDecember 16, 2004

Last night I was invited to create a meal for several friends in a friends new kitchen. Almost all of their cookware is all-clad. I found the handles to be extremely painful to use. The top of them dug into my hand. Trying to pop stuff in a saute was especially painful. Other than this comfort issue they seemed to work well, but I hope I never have to use them again.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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I own about six all clad pieces and never have a problem with the handle. I also have some Le Creuset stuff too. I don't like handles that I have to hook my hand through or that are made for comfort. I am developing carpal tunnel in one hand and I find that things made for ergonomics actually hurt more than the non ergonomic stuff. I do like large body pens though.

Good luck!

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I love my All-Clad handles. They never get hot like a Calphalon handle. All Clad pot: $140. Never having to use a potholder: priceless.

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I wonder if yours are the same as what I used. If you cut a cross-section these handles would be kinda U shaped. The bottom is nice and rounded, but the tops are like 2 ridges cutting into my hand. Most of my handles are rolled stainless, about 1" perfectly round. Haven't had any heat problems.

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Mine are indeed shallow U-shaped, but edges are smooth and rounded. I've never cut my hand on them. They are very ergonomic and stay completely cool.

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Same one I have too. Not potholders either.

Good luck!

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How are you holding the handles? It almost sounds like you are holding them upside down or something?? Otherwise, how would the U-shape of the top part of the handles cut into your hand??

I have carpel tunnel from 25+ years as a hygienist, but I love my All Clad, have a huge set of it and Le Creuset, and use them every day.


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I think I hold them normally, but you might be on to something that might explain the problems I was having keeping the eggs on top of the pan... :-)

Where my fingers wrapped around the bottom of the handle I was fine. The problem is that the top of the handle dug into the palm of my hand. It was particularly bad on their 2 large frypans (12"?) when I was trying to flip stuff. The tops of the 'U' are smooth, but narrow and really began to hurt.

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I took a cooking class at Viking a few months ago, and I loved working with the Viking pots and pans. I think their handles are much more ergonomically designed for efficiency and comfort, and the pans performed beautifully - at least as well as any All-Clad I've ever used. Several members of the class mentioned the same thing. You might look into them if you're thinking of purchasing some new pots and pans.


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I agree totally about the handles being uncomfortable to use. Thankfully I only own one piece of All-Clad cookware.

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Be aware of hollow all-metal handles that are supposed to be 'sealed'. They eventually leak (in my experience) and then when in use, become filled with steam, making the surface at least 212 degrees. Very dangerous. There is one French line that I refuse to purchase for this reason.

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Colin, can you clarify. Are you referring to handles such as this Vollrath Intrique:

Here is a link that might be useful: Vollrath Intrigue Frypan

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I agree with the handle. I used my brand new All-Clad 4 qt saucepan last night and was surprised at how uncomfortable the handle was. I remembered reading this thread and came back to say...OUCH! I saw some rubber looking things that looked generic enough that you could slip over pot handles. I think I'll get one of those and try it to see if that would make the pan more comfortable. I almost dropped the pan of boiling water when I first picked it up. Really surprised me.


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