Looking for red dinnerware

keckDecember 2, 2005

I have white dinnerware from LNT and its about six years old and is starting to chip. Its the LNT brand. I am now wanting to replace it with red dishes. DH doesn't like floral altough being able to get accent pieces with pattern would be nice for me. The color I am looking for is more of a Garnett than tomato or brick red. I found something that I love the look of at Target, but I am not sure if it will hold up - would like to get 5 years out of it, as I like to get new things often. Open stock would be nice as I will probably get 10 - 12 plates, 8 - 10 bowls, a few salad and bread plates and just a few cups. No space for 12 cups! And neither of us drink cofee.

Here is the target dishes I found that DH has "OK" in style in the solid red, although I like the idea of getting the red and sage both. I have several white platters and large serving bowls that I will keep - will that look weird. I actually have several of the Target accent pieces above my cabinets for decoration, and have the cookie jar so it would need to coordinate.

My walls are butter yellow, cabinets are creamy and fabric on barstools are mostly garnett background with flowers that are butter, gold and then leafy green color for foliage.

The target dishes look burnt orange on the screen but they are pretty close to garntt or burgundy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishes

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Waechestersbach!.....The Cherry red is to die for.....and in the same shapes they also make lime green, yellow, white, black, blue.....and some patterns. Great for mix and match!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Waechestersbach

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Mamma Ro! Great Italian pottery - fantastic red color - lots of different sizes, shapes, accessories!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mamma Ro`

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So you have German and Italian suggestions. How about French?

Here is a link that might be useful: Emile Henry

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Have you looked at Fiestaware? They have a bright red and a very dark one called Cinnabar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiesta Dinnerware

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I agree on the Waechestersbach. I have a large set of their black square plates, saucers, cups and bowls and it is beautiful and has held up very well over the past several years. No chips or scratches yet and they would be very obvious with black! I put them in the DW.

But they are not cheap. They would be considered high-end. You can get them at Sur La Table, at Bloomingdale's, and also at their own website.


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I picked up a half dozen of the Target bowls, half pattern and half red, to go with my white winter plates. Have no idea how they will hold up or whether they will chip, but they are a nice color (and color selection) and you can buy them individually also. Hope they keep the pattern available, but that may be questionable since they change things so frequently.

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