Decided! Ordered! Dacor.

bmorepanicNovember 27, 2013

On Sunday, we went over to the outskirts of DC and looked at ranges in the kind of place I never walk into - most things were out of our price range. So cool for a kitchen freak to see 30-40 mostly expensive gas ranges sitting side by side.

We were reassured about choosing dacor. Not because of anything the sales people said - but it was side effect of seeing a lot of makes/models together. The style differences recede and the way its made comes forward.

So I'm happy with Dacor - or as happy as possible considering our budget. It seemed well made, nice fit, no sharp edges on anything, liked the grates and the burner heads but wasn't able to test them. No cobalt blue porcelain.

I read the published complaints and there are very few about the all gas units. Thanks to another user, I checked and we do have a qualified field shop in town.

We took advantage of the promotional rebates including 3 years of free bumper to bumper and a $300 discount. (it's 10% because we're bottom feeders).

I am happy to be off the hamster treadmill of trying to make a decision. We're moving on to buyer's remorse ;)

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Well, I hope there is no buyer's remorse this time.

For the meantime, did you get the interim countertop oven from the restaurant supply store to go with the MB induction burner? (Reminds me of some kitchens I saw in my travels overseas, actually.) Or is somebody else cooking for you this Thanksgiving?

And, speaking of the outskirts of DC, I can say that having others cook for you on Thanksgiving is not a bad thing. I'm thinking of several holiday meals we had at the Officer's Club at Fort Meyer back when I was a kid. Not as "memorable" as the Chinese restaurant dinner in Jean Shepherd's "Christmas Story," of course, but altogether very pleasant.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

We didn't get anything more - altho I did look at the goodwill. This Thanksgiving day, the winner is crockpot turkey - we found a small netted boneless turkey breast "roast".

My first husband and I did hotel dining rooms a couple of times. That is heaven - someone else does all of the prep, sets the table and cleans up.

I am kinda used to the buyer's remorse thing. It's a very special psychosis. Whatever decision is made, regret it immediately and wish you'd chosen differently before even seeing the actual item.

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bmorepanic, I liked the fit and finish on the Dacor, too, after seeing all the different ranges in one place and being able to compare them. It did look like it was made really well. I almost bought one, but found an old-style discontinued Wolf at the last second. I hope you like it!

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Fori is not pleased

Crockpotted turkey will be wonderful!

New stove even better. Enjoy!

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@jellytoast - I agree with you. Wolf's fit and finish is really excellent. They were my number 1 too.

@fori - thanks. Happy thanksgiving to you!

I had a late breaking decision after speaking aloud my worry of pale, white turkey and am using a cast iron braiser to get a little brown on. I'm looking at it turning nicely brown, braising in butter with mirepoix, some lemon zest, thyme and garlic thinking it can just stay there. I packed stuffing in the crockpot instead.

Actually 32F, too windy for cooking outside - not brokenhearted as it is supposed to feel like 25F but feels to me more like 15.

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Pacing the floor sometimes. Having dreams about ranges. Know it hasn't been a week yet, but not a day goes by without dh hearing moans of "I want a range!".

Ain't here yet. Feel like opening the betting books.
Book 1 - damaged in transit?
Book 2 - installed before Christmas?

Why is it that don't we get tracking numbers? It would be also as good as tranquilizers just to know where it is.

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So its coming! In another two days, but to the dealer :(
who will then drive it down here over another two business days.

But it goes to some transit company warehouse :(:( who will then call me to schedule delivery within 3 days :(:(:(
and then they bring it here around the 18th to the 20th. Then we will completely inspect the new range while I make the delivery guys wait around ::

Its not so much a long wait time for delivery as it is that its been a long long time without an oven; I'm forgetting how to use one.

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A big screaming out loud congrats to you and yours, bmorepanic! you are funny. Enjoy your new stove and you didn't forget a thing. Like riding a bike. it's good to not cook sometimes, yes,yes. We got Chinese food tonight after two days of grocery shopping with stuffed full fridge and cabinets.

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I have been away from this forum for a long time but I also have a Dacor range. I could not love it more. We purchased the 30" all gas and the matching hood. We have been happily using it for 2.5 years. I appreciate it every day.

Congratulations and Happy Cooking!

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Thank you westsider. I try to be funny. I've found that funny and ocd are not mutually exclusive. Somehow this whole thing is making me feel like a 6 year old who's been told that Santa will be late this year.

That is really good to know odiegirl13! Mine will be/is the all gas too.

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Tracking Number! It's on I95 somewhere. I was thinking a real-time Norad display wall with GPS and satellite imagery, maybe with speed estimates.

But it's really "Departed Babylon, NY" and a time stamp.

Raining on Santa, that is.

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It's coming tomorrow morning, they called!

The not-very-useful tracking says its still in the same place it said on Friday.

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