can you change door swing?

pctexasOctober 30, 2011

We are building a custom home and the doors to 2 of our bathrooms swing in. In the water closet, it will skim the toilet, and in the pool bath it opens into the vanity. Builder says the only way to fix is to replace the doors. Not a big deal on the pool bath but the door to the water closet is solid alder with stain. Can't we just take out the door jam and turn it around to create an outward swing? Am I missing something?

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The doors can probably be carefully removed and rehung to swing out, provided they don't interfere with other things. "Carefully" is the operative word.

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They reversed the door swing of our front door before it was hung. It was done at the woodworking shop that made the door. It cost us several hundred dollars but was well worth it in this instance . . . This just shows it can be done and the cost was worth it for our front door (custom walnut with sidelights).

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The hinge 'mortise' on the door must be flipped to the other face and then repaired.

The jamb must have a new 'mortise' cut also, and a repair of the old.

If it is stained it is a bigger issue than painted.

It also takes a good finish carpenter some time to get everything cut and then fill on the old areas (thin wood and Minwax High performance wood filler can make a repair that is not visible under paint).

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The lock mortise in the jamb will also need to be altered and repaired.

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