retinning cooper pans

davevtDecember 14, 2004

Anyone have a source of this? I have a Turkish coffee pot and a sauce pan that need retinning.

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I did a quick google search for "retinning copper". The first hit was , and there were lots after that. It looks like there are many places that do it for what seemed to me reasonable prices.

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Thanks. Was wondering if anybody had personal experience, but I'll Google it too.

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There is a place in Manhattan that I have heard good things about as a retinner. I know they have a web site.

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Link below should help.

I have no affiliation with or experience with this business.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to source of retinning service

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Try Oregon Re-Tinners. or 800-547-7014. They are a great family ran business. Herb has been hand tinning copperware for 40 years now and does an excellent job.

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wow. this is exactly what I am looking for and it where I live !!!! the internet is amazing. Thanks

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Just in case anyone from Texas wants similar information:

Akers Metal Repair
Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX (713)527-8205

He has done great work for me. Beautiful retinning of hammered copper, repair of silver, and repair and rewiring of antique brass lamps and chandeliers.

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