Orgreenic vs. Cuisinart's Green Gourmet Cookware

kelpDecember 29, 2011

Does anyone know which brand is better? (The sets seem to be about the same price.) I'm looking for non-stick capabilities, and durability, along with even heating. Thanks so much.

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Don't know anything about the Orgreenic line... but would be leary of anything that's "as seen on TV"?? Bought 2 GreenPans that were a total wash. Have to say they came from a yard sale, but looked like they'd never been used?? Saw them on one of those HSN or QVC shows (Todd English). NEVER woulda considered calling to order but gave them a shot for a few $. Stuff stuck!

Know nothing about Cuisinart's line, but they do have a rep for good stuff!?!

As for non-stick... I'd go with Calphalon. A month or so ago, took a chance and send back 2 skillets and favorite sauce pan. Had NO receipts. They weren't BAD... just not as non-stick as they started out. Within a week or so... got BRAND NEW replacements... only cost me shipping.

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Don't even bother with the Orgreenic line. It is just a poor imitation of a ceramic non stick pan. It is an aluminum pan with no SS in it for durability or strength. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. If you want a ceramic non stick finish then I would purchase the original "GreenPan" line. Buy just one to try it out at first. I started with the 8" omelet pan first just to try out the brand. Fantastic! Nothing sticks to this pan. Clean up is easy. We liked the 8" pan so much we purchased a 9 piece set on sale. These too worked great. My husband asked for the wok by GreenPan so that is what he got for a Christmas present. We are now replacing our old Calphalon pans when they loose their non stick abilities and start flaking with the GreenPans. I hand wash my non stick pans-no dishwasher, I also always use oil, butter, stock,etc. in all my pans-I never put meat in a bare pan unless it is for a searing. Also never use Pam spray on your non sticks. It will damage the finish over time and cause it to loose it's non stickiness. HTH, NancyLouise

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Thanks so much. I'll check out GreenPans right now. (I'm thinking Calphalon is out of my price-range.)

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My orgreenic pan was non-stick, only the first time I used it. It's been seasoned, etc, but it's going in the trash tonight.

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