AnnaA and smv81261 please update us on GE induction range

TexasBearNovember 18, 2012

AnnaA and smv81261 was there a successful repair of the GE Profile PHS925STSS induction range. I read your posts from this summer where you were both having an issue with the front right burner going to HI on its own.

Would love an update on your satisfaction with this range and the repair.

I am planning on buying a induction range and appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you

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I would also like to know about their PHS925STSS since the repair was done 6 months ago, and if that fixed the problem or not. At this point, since I'm in no rush, I'm waiting to see if/when the next GE Slide-in Induction will be out. My current GE Profile radiant heat smooth-top free standing range still works just fine and is about 8-9 years old. But I like the slide-in style better, so would replace with that.

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Have you looked at the E-lux slide-in? I have the free-standing one and love it. Haven't had any problems at all

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I apologize for not seeing this. I wasn't around much in November and December and haven't been in the appliance forum for awhile. I bet these are old questions now.

The company that manages GE repairs was very responsive. They changed the entire mother board in the cooktop... Forget the parts names. It has not had a problem since. Everything is great! I took pictures of the operation and will dig them up and post a few.

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Ok, hopefully these 3 pics are helpful to fauguy or another person who was interested in these images a few months ago.

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The four white disks are the induction units. The 5th brown/tan one is the 'warming' circle which is a radiant unit. And I don't mean shiny.

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Thanks for the update and the pics! I'm glad to hear they got the problem resolved with the front-right burner jumping from a lower setting up to High on its own, and that the problems hasn't returned. I read a few other reviews on the GE Site of people having the same problem, but none stated if it got fixed. Sounds like a bad batch of control boards, and the replacement boards are OK. I'm still not sure when I'll replace my GE Profile radiant smooth-top with an induction, as I think I'd rather first replace the KitchenAid counter depth side-by-side with the new GE Profile counter depth french door (PYE23PSDSS, or Cafe CYE23TSDSS).

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I've only had my GE Profile Induction range PHS925STSS for about a week, but all I can say is AMAZING! I had electric before, and for various reasons did not want gas - I am so happy with this range ! The induction cooktop is wonderful - water boils so quickly, everything cooks so evenly, and you can control the heat so well. Takes a bit getting used to. As for the "buzzing" noise some people complain about - this is a very low buzz when the element first gets turned on, then after you put on your pan and start cooking, I don't hear anything. Please do not negate buying this stove for that reason .
The oven is terrific - big (5.3 cu.), cooks very evenly (so far). The only caveat is that when you open the oven door at a high temp., (maybe over 400F) is very hot - so be careful. Just stand back a bit and open the door slowly.
Clean up of the cooktop is a breeze - I use one of the cream cleansers for glass cooktops, buff with a paper towel and then if need be I use Perfect Glass spray (from Bath Bed and Beyond).
I never had a warming drawer before, and although it is down low, I used it the other night when I had a big dish of roasted veggies to keep warm while I baked some halibut in the oven. It was really nice - just keep them warm. Perfect.
I would highly recommend this terrific range. So glad I went induction!

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