Meatloaf pan

donnas_gwDecember 6, 2012

Hi...what is the best kind of meatloaf pan to use? I am getting tired of using the teflon coated ones. After they've been used several times, the teflon starts peeling off. Would a glass pan do better? Would it also bake more even? Thanks.

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I use an old aluminum loaf pan and put aluminum foil into it. Makes cleanup easy. Glass works well too but requires some soaking to remove the burnt on residue.

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I always use a Pyrex loaf pan for meat loaf. In fact my pan is probably over 15 years old. If I soak it with a little dishwasher detergent inside it cleans up quickly.

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SOmetimes I just free-form a meatloaf. If I use I "pan"...when I want uniform slices... it's a Pyrex loaf dish. Usually start in loaf pan and then dump into another to cover with bacon and coat with ketchup or other sauce.

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For a small meatloaf(2lbs) I use a Corelle casserole for a larger meatloaf(3lbs) I use a pyrex glass loaf pan.

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