removing geotagged photos

lola99December 10, 2012

I recently read a thread on the cooking forum that was about gardenweb connecting with facebook. Some people were concerned about their info being shared with too many people. Specifically, someone commented that every picture that you post is geotagged, so if you have posted pictures in the past, a knowledgeable person can already tell where you took your picture. Is this true? I imagine it depends on what kind of camera you used right?

So my questions are:
1. how can I tell if my pictures are geotagged?
2. I'm sharing them on gardenweb via photobucket. Is there a way to remove the geotag feature?


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If you take pics with some of the cell phones that have it as a feature.. yep that info is in its EXIF data.

Many photo editing programs will ask if you want to preserve EXIF data after you have edited a photo when you save changes to it. Some save it by default.

Firefox and probably other browsers too, can have exif reader plugins.

Here's one scanner... (I know ziltch about it)

Here is a link that might be useful: Remove GeoTag

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I posted AbouT this and how to disable it in jasdips thread called oh we are being forced.

And anyone can view the geo location info it shows up when you view the picture details.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Sorry that post I was talking about is over on the kitchen table forum.

On my androidphone on each picture click the menu icon then you want the details click that, some give exact longitude and latitude. Iuse an app called quickpic to view pictures on android, with it when I look at details it gives The exact street address and city and state.

Go into your devices settings for the camera and unchech geo location tagging then your pictures Will no longer show location.

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Thanks for your replies. It's interesting, on my android phone some pictures show the city and state, and some say that the location was unavailable. There is an option for "map" but none of my pictures show an exact location.

I also take pictures with a Sony digital camera from 2008, and I don't think that geo-tags (I checked the manual and couldn't find anything about location), but I'll keep looking.

I will also check out the link you provided. Thanks again for your quick help.

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