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brownthumbiaDecember 8, 2008

My Granddaughter just gave me her Christmas list and she would like a 'cookie sheet with no air holes'. Well, now, I am still using 50 year old cookie sheets that I intend to cook on for another 50 years. lol So can someone tell me what she is talking about? Is it a brand or style of cookie sheets.

Also, she asked for a cheese slicer with a wire that does the slicing. Again, mine is probably 50 years also, made by Presto and I sure would like to find her one like it but no luck there either. I can't find a web site that handles all the 'old time' gadgets.

Really appeciate your help in this. Glad she didn't wait any longer to give me her list with these two stumpers!! Thanks in advance BT

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We had some long discussions on the Cooking forum about cooking sheets, and the pans preferred by experienced cooks are the 1/2 sheet size (about 14x17) in standard aluminum, technically a jelly roll pan because it has sides. No dark coating, no non-stick, no nuthin'. Vollrath is a good brand, and they should cost less than $10 each. If you can't find them in your local store, try a restaurant supply store. But ask her if that's what she wants. And if she really likes baking, get her 4 or 5 of them.

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Thanks so much Sushipup. I went online and found Vollrath cookie sheets, but a far cry from @10.00!! The ones I found were $24.95. Of course if that is what she wants I would get one for her. Would prefer to find the cheaper one and get 2 or 3 for her. Thanks a lot for your help, I suppose Target or Kmart would possibly have something she could use but probably not that brand. Will see. BT

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Walmart has them (well, not sure of the brand), but these heavy sheets are all pretty much the same. Check out the yellow pages for your closest restaurant supply stores.

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Well, here's a Vollrath half-sheet pan for $7.28. I have to admit I have bunches of the Vollrath cookie sheets and wouldn't trade them for anything, but the half-sheets will work just fine and are very moderately priced. Vollrath aluminum just can't be beaten for even heating and good cookies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Vollrath Half-Sheet Pans

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