Calphalon coating coming off

fatlesterDecember 29, 2004

We have a very old black calphalon saucepan. The inside has turned pale, the aluminum is showing through and the coating comes off grey on DH's finger.

He thinks it's fine to use (ha!)

I think we should toss it.

Never saw this before.

Has this happened to anyone? Sounds dumb but shouldn't we just toss it out?

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Is this a non stick caph pan? If it is personally I would toss it. If it is an anodized pan the anodize layer could have thinned from stirring, I have seen this on the reg anodized Cahplon pan. He continues to use it.

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Calphalon has a very good warranty. I would call or e-mail them and if it is still under warranty it will be replaced free. (It depends on whether it has lifetime or 10 year warranty; different types of Calphalon have different warranties)

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That's why I hate costs like it's forever...but it's about 12 year stuff....
Toss it and get something else.
Linda C

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Did you throw it in the dishwasher? Dishwashers will ruin Calphalon (and void the warranty).

I hate that junk. I say toss it and replace it with some good stainless steel. I had Calphalon and ditched it and have never been happier.

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Yes, it's the nonstick black coating.

DH puts everything in the dw. Sounds like a toss to me. Who wants to eat the anodyzed coating, right?

I'm definitely going for a high quality stainless sandwich saucepan with a steel handle and lid that fits -- one that can go in the dw effectively.

Thanks for info.

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No nonstick is supposed to be put in the DW - not All Clad or any others. T

Since non-stick basically rinses clean by swishing it under running water, who needs the DW to clean it.

I love my Calphalon Commercial Nonstick for certain types of cooking. Yesterday I made a marinated chicken with a baste of honey, pomegranate molassess and some other ingredients. That stuff was baked onto my non-stick roaster and I shudder to think what it would have been like to try to clean a regular stainless steel pan.

I like stainless steel for certain purposes -- when I am deglazing and need the fond. However, for my everyday cooking in which I use almost no oil, I reach for my Calphalon Commercial nonstick pans consistently and have no problem with the 30 seconds it takes me to swish and run a sponge over them when I'm cleaning up.

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That's thirty seconds longer than it takes me to clean an All-Clad stainless pan. I just place it in the dishwasher. Of course, I have a good dishwasher, a Miele Incognito like FatLester, and that will handle any baked on crud WITHOUT prerinsing.

I gave up on non-stick not just because it had to be washed in the sink, but because of the health concerns regarding Teflon and other non-stick coatings, and because the stuff doesn't last and then cannot be safely discarded. If it ends up in an incinerator, it will release perfluoroisobutylene and other toxins (even overheating on the stove will release some toxins).

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hey blazedog-- how are you? Long time!

Like spewey, having the Miele in the country has spoiled me about washing pans. I've become so lazy since the dw just does them so well.

If you have the pro calphalon it's probably much better than the really old first gen stuff we have (DH bought it). I've never been much for nonstick -- just use Pam if needed -- and I rarely do saute or broil since our kitchen has no ventilation.

These days we order in so much I could chuck all the saucepans and live by heating everything in the microwave! LOL!! But that saucepan is definitely going since the teflon stuff is literally coming off like dust....

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Fatlester -- I'm fine although still residing in the kitchen slum.

My life became chaotic before I took the final plunge. Next window of opportunity, I will seize without worrying about achieving the Platonic ideal of condo kitchens -- unless everything collapses all around me and they find me in a heap of dystunctional appliances and cabinet doors that have been slammed shut once too often. :)

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Until last week, we had a square non-stick Calphalon griddle with a growing bare spot in the middle. I decided I didn't want to ingest any more of the coating so I asked for a square cast iron Lodge griddle for Christmas and DW bought me one. Sadly, it's now in the recycling pile with the Calphalon because (1) it doesn't heat evenly on our range and (2) I really dislike the rough surface. In place of both of them I resurrected an old 11" Griswold cast iron skillet that was languishing in the basement. It means cooking pancakes in batches of three rather than four, and cutting the fourth piece of thick sliced bacon in half to fit, but these are compromises I'm happy to make for the pleasure of working with such a nice piece of cookware.

The only piece of non-stick remaining in our batterie de cuisine is an 8" Wearever skillet that DW uses for scrambled eggs. She has a plastic spatula that she uses with it and the coating is in good shape despite several years of use.


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IMO, most non-stick bites. After 20 years of screwing around with various brands, including several commercial-grades, I have yet to see any non-stick cookware that didn't lose its surface over time.

Presently, we have two pieces of non-stick in our kitchen, both skillets; one Calphalon, the other EW. Both warranties have been registered, and I swear by all that's good and holy, the second they start to peel, if they do, I'll be on the phone demanding a replacement. In fact, I'm almost hoping one of them starts to lose it, so I can make them honor the warranties.

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