Best way to send picture in Christmas email

ginjjDecember 19, 2012

I'd like to send my Christmas letter via email this year. I'd like to include a couple of pictures. Is there a way that I can do this which would allow most people to view it?

The ideal would be for the picture to just appear in the email without having to click on a link to go somewhere else since I think many people hesitate to "go somewhere else." I'd also like the picture to be a large as possible.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

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Make the letter interesting and they will be willing to open the attachment or click the link to where the pictures are hosted, not all E-Mails will support doing what you suggest and even if yours did the recipient's may not.

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Thanks Zep, I was afraid that was still a problem with sending pictures.

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Over the years I have found different email software has different ways of sending it. I have Windows Live mail 2009 and I use insert. You can size it in the mail by clicking on layout. My sis and I send photos to each other all the time.

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Unfortunately many email systems block pictures and other attachments, especially on mobile devices.

If you want to create a document and maintain formatting, a cross platform format like PDF is you best bet. If people don't want to download the attachment, there's not much you can do about that. Or just send an ordinary Christmas card with a postage stamp. ;-)

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Emma, I would suggest you do not update your Live mail because newer versions (mine at least) do not offer that feature. We can attach but not insert. Yahoo does not seem to offer the option either. My Outlook program does though.

I guess Zep has the right idea.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Since there doesn't seem to be any one sure way that will work for everyone, why not just create a Photobucket album (or someplace similar) and send the URL of it.

I know some folks I send URLS to, find the links are not clickable. I've also been told that they were not able to copy and paste the URL either. One friend just totally doesn't know how to copy and paste and doesn't seem to want to learn...says it just makes her 'nervous' to try. I've just given up on sharing much via emails with those who are so computer challenged.

Oh...the one who said she wasn't able to copy and paste a URL I sent, was a link to an item on Amazon. I'm thinking she just didn't know how to do it.


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Owbist, thanks for the tip.

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I agree. I host the photos online some where that let's me but borders and such around them then send the link in email. A few people I know use online mail and can't see stuff right in the email so would have to save them to the desktop.

Picture trail is nice and will let you create a private album that you can customize and then password it and then just give the email recipeints the password to view the photos if you dont want to make them plubic domain. Mary

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