NetGear MBR1515 Router

DA_MccoyDecember 23, 2013

OK, here I am crawling into the 21st century. I now have 4G LTE Internet using a NetGear MBR1515 router. So far it is more than I had hoped for.

Now for the simple question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere: Must the modem be presented vertically in the stand?

My concern is I have it on top of the bookcase for this desk, and i can only imagine that in time someone, read here me or the grandchildren, somehow will bump the desk and knock it off.

Every picture I have seen has it vertical, every installation instruction says vertical, and there was a removal sticker directing not to present the unit horizontal. What causes me to wonder if a horizontal presentation is an option is there are four padded feet on the bottom of the unit.

My only conclusion is the unit's wi-fi capability will work better vertical. For me personally that is not an issue as the router is hardwired to the system and the secondary wi-fi connection for the desktop is less than six feet away.

I do wonder if overheating is a thought.


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I see two different images of this product - one with moveable external antennae (that look like they're for the wifi signal) and one without. The cell antenna is maybe internal? That may mean the unit's orientation makes a difference.

The mixed message is interesting - the feet on the side suggesting a horizontal placement but the sticker saying to keep it vertical.

My vote goes for the sticker. The box might have been chosen because it was something that the contract manufacturer could supply cheaply, but the extra effort was made to add the sticker to say - don't use them.

I'd keep it vertical. I wouldn't worry about it toppling, that probably wouldn't be the end. But maybe you could put things that are decorative and more sturdy on either side (with an adequate air gap) that would stop it from falling over?

Or, call Netgear and ask!

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Mine is vertical too, I sure wouldn't think it would make a difference. When I got sattellight internet this is the way the install people set it up.
You should be able to find a phone number for them to call them.

If in doubt ask.

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My older Netgear WGR614 router has the "stand" for setting up vertically, but it also has the "feet" for horizontal use. I have used it both ways and really could tell no difference. The antenna rotates for either use. When the cable guy set it up here, he used the vertical orientation, but I notice the cable modem is horizontal. Go figure. However, if multiple print instructions say vertical, I'd use that. Or, as snidely and loralee suggest, call and ask!

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Set it in puddle of coke. Or glue a flat wood or something to its bottom.

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I tried to call today. Hah, no luck getting through I tried their live chat today. Hah, no luck getting through.

As I try to get a final answer I will leave it as it is. I am thinking of velcroing the base to the top shelf. My seven year old granddaughter will be here for a few days.

You know what else is interesting? The router has two complete sets of icons for the LED lights on it. One set horizontal for vertical use of the unit, and a vertical set for horizontal use of the unit.


Coke won't work as I only have diet here. :)


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I had my Dlink vertically in the stand provided but it did not work with the input and four CAT5 outgoing. Never could keep the router and the modem tidy till yesterday. Then I placed them on a sliding shelf in my printer drawer I keep the scanner on and used hockey tape to make sure they stay where I want them.

Velcro sounds like a great fix.

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Yeah O I think I am going to do it tomorrow. Not a full length strip under the stand, but rather just four foot pads. Then I will go from there.

Though I didn't pay for it the price on the box said $299.99. Too much to risk if it falls off.


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I'd follow the manual,

Place the Router

1.Place your router in a central area. Here are some additional tips:

⢠Position your router upright and near a power outlet in an easily accessible area.

⢠Locate your router indoors where you receive a strong mobile broadband signal preferably near a window) for best 4G LTE coverage.

⢠Avoid physical obstructions whenever possible.

⢠Avoid placing your router close to reflective or metal surfaces, such as:


⢠Metal file cabinets

⢠Stainless steel countertops

⢠Place your router away from electrical equipment or appliances (microwave ovens) that can also generate Wi-Fi signal interference.

2.Connect the power cord to the power input on the rear of the router and plug it into an outlet.

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Thank you Z, but I have the 103 page manual downloaded. and have been all through it in regards to my question. Vertical versus horizontal isn't addressed.


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