Ideas on how to rearrange kitchen with dinnig

kassikoloOctober 27, 2012

So, i feel like we found a house we like and the only area i am not sure how to rearrange is the kitchen/dinning area. I dont like how kitchen is now, but i dont know how to rearrange it better to be able to fit the dinning table on top. The trick is that we are already little above our max s.f.on the house, so making the area bigger is not an option..I like to have a big island/table there at pantry somewhere not far.

We also want to put a wall with open arch to separate the living room and put the door to the porch across from hallway.

I have been sitting on it for few days but cant seem to come up with anything..maybe you guys can help?

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I recommend taking this to the kitchen forum. You'll get the best advice making sure you have good clearances, etc, from them. You'll need to be fairly specific with measurements of the spaces though.

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I want to help, but I am not understanding what you want. There are typos that make it indiscernible to me.

"fit the dinning table on top"?
"big island/table there at pantry somewhere not far"?

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Gaonmymind- Sorry if it is hard to understand and thank you for offering to help.
I want to put dinning table where the breakfast area is and move that door that goes to the porch.
I want to separate living area by the wall with open arc.
What i dont like about the kitchen now is that is seems to small for the large area and i would like to maybe bring it up so i can see the living room from it, but then i am not sure how to fit the dinning table in the breakfast area.
I would really like to fit a large island/table in the kitchen area as well. And right now i dont have a pantry and i would really want one.

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Do you mind posting your final layout? We are in the beginning stages of finding a floorplan (also a 4 bed ranch) and you just named everything I want in a kitchen! Large island with easy communication to the living room, pantry, and room for a nice sized table - yes please! A mudroom off the garage but with a separate laundry that I don't have to walk thru to get to the garage is also on my list of must haves.

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