OV GLOVE -- someone? anyone?

earthlydelightsDecember 5, 2006

i did a search to make sure this topic wasn't covered prior, because i don't want to get scolded again for talking about something already discussed. since i wasn't able to locate a prior post, i'll take my chances.

has anyone invested in this? it's only $15.00 and the commercials play all the time around this time of year and before i waste my money, just wondering if it is worth it.

if you do have it, does it work as it says so on the commericals? i wouldn't mind getting two of them if in fact it does work.



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Hi maryanne. I saw a commercial last nite for an Ove Glove (must be the same thing) Supposed to be kevlar?

It did not appeal to me but I haven't used one. It looks 'thin'. I like the silicone pads. Just a preference thing. Anyway amazon's are cheaper at $11.75 or two for $25.

From amazons web site:
Price: $11.75
* Machine Washable
* Comfortable Design
* Withstands heat up to 480 degrees Farenheit.
Ove Glove, Hot Surface Handler, Extraordinary Glove That Allows Protection From Temperatures As High As 480 Degrees Fahrenheit, Inside Consists Of Soft Double Knit Cotton For Comfort & 5 Finger Flexibility, Outer Layer ConsiSts Of Kevlar & Nomex From Dupont For Superior Heat & Fire Protection, MachIne Washable, Use With Oven, Fireplace, Barbecue Grills, Changing Light BulBs, Welding & Much More.

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thanks bean. i have seen the commercials for years and have yet to invest in one. i would really need to hear first hand the good or bad about it.

i'll keep the amazon in mind if i ever decide.


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I would never bother to put that on. I am more likely to grab the towel that's hanging over my shoulder and use that.
But for just removing something from the oven....I wouldn't bother to stop and put on a glove.
Linda C

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Wife gave me one couple years ago and I LOVE it.

Use it to remove HOT stuff from the oven, like
casseroles and steak&ale pie innards done in
cast iron.

Gives more dexterity that mitts or pot holders,
and the heat does not get thru.

Prolly get a second OvGlove to give to myself.


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I have two and have given several for gifts in the last two years. Everyone has the same opinion: Very handy and useful but nothing really special. No better for fingers than a regular hot-pad but does MUCH to prevent inadvertant burns on backs of hands, etc., when moving things around in a hot oven because the entire hand is protected. Over-priced, but not by much. Have laundered many times. They seem to hold up well. Takes a couple seconds to put on and remove -- if anyone considers that to be a great inconvenience.

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I bought one, I was suckered in while I was waiting for a Rx to be filled at Walgreen's. As asolo said, they're not really any better than regular oven mitts so I would say don't bother. For some reason, my 16 yo son LOVES it.

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thanks for the information. i'll save my money and buy some dark chocolate covered pretzles instead LOL

it seems evert year at holiday time the commercial comes on and the displays come out and i always consider them. guess if i really wanted it, i would have it by now.


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I can send you mine---it's just taking up room in the potholder drawer.

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I love my OV glove... got it last year for xmas. I have an assortment of pot holders, mitts, and just one glove. If I need 2 hands to remove something from the oven, I use mitts. For one-handed items, I almost always use the glove (provides better gripping than either a towel/mitt/pot holder IMO).


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I have had the ov glove for several years now. Washed it many times and it is used in my kitchen daily. If I don't get a new one for Christmas I plan to purchase one early in the new year.

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I have a pair and wouldn't be without them. I mainly use them while getting things out of my solar ovens. It's a lot easier to open the boxes with the gloves on, as well as transfer hot panned food out of a less-than-convenient boxes; than to mess with cumbersome mits, or hot pads that often slip in your hands. With the gloves you have dexterity you don't have with mits OR hot pads. It was the perfect answer for a safety issue. -Grainlady

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these recommendations make me think that i really would like to get one, even if it's just to mess with the logs in the fireplace or the grate on the grill.

thanks to everyone that responded.


hmmm faire, interesting offer :)

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I got two last year as Christmas gifts and I really like them. I don't find them difficult to wear, less awkward then an oven mitt. You have more flexiblity. And I have used them when cooking on the grill. My DH keeps stealing them to move logs on the fireplace. I guess I will have to get him a pair. I am glad I got them.

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