Does anyone have T-fal Perfections w/vented tops set?

kaisermustDecember 11, 2005

Seriously thinking about buying the T-fal Perfection set with vented tops to eliminate all the boil-overs I have with my electric cooktop. Does anyone have this set? How do you like it? Do the vented tops only come with specific size sets? (I've seen 9 pc sets in local stores but no vented tops). Can this set be used with metal utensils? And what is the difference between non-stick Perfection outside and inside vs Perfection hard-enamel? Any pros or cons on T-fal cookware and which set is the best would be greatly appreciated.

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I can't imagine that these will prevent boil overs, I get them on my uncovered pans because the heat is too high, I just have to watch what I'm cooking and as it gets close to boiling, turn down the temp.

When I had an electric range, I'd crank it up high, because it was so slow to respond, and of course, things would boil over. I hated it. Now that I have a gas cooktop, I crank it up to high and things still boil over if I walk away, now they just do it faster! But I love it.

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