Macy's Sale - Martha Dutch Ovens - Ends 12-6-2008

gorilla_xDecember 6, 2008

Just a note that Macy's has a web sale that ends today (prices not valid in-store). $31.99 for a MS Enameled DO 7 Qt.

I am picking up 2 I think... one for a gift. Heck, it's like a BOGO sale.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cast Iron Items

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I bought one.....wish I had bought 2~
Linda C

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the non-enameled, preseasoned Martha Stewart 5.5 quart cast iron dutch ovens were $6 and change this past Saturday at Macys here in Miami. I imagine they will be priced near that on the 26th, if not before.

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I bought 2 in sand... one oval, and one round. The oval is good for long stuff... like braciole.


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AARGH....stop already....I think I collect those things....
I have 4 enamel cast iron dutch ovens...each of my kids have daughter has worn out one she inherited from my mother.
I have given them to friends....
I could line them up on a shelf to admire, but that's not too practical....
Linda C

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