Silicone Bakeware from QVC???

pinkcarnationDecember 8, 2007

Has anyone used the Silicone bakeware from QVC? I am wondering how well things bake in it and also how easy/difficult to clean it is. If anyone has used it, I would love to hear your comments! TIA

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Did you check to see whether there are any reviews posted on QVC for the item(s) you're interested in?

I haven't used any of their silicone, but I was definitely less than impressed with the stuff I did try a few years ago. Maybe they've improved. But I love my plain old NOT nonstick metal bakeware. I use parchment paper with the cookie sheets.

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I have some of the really good silicone stuff. It's terrible.

It doesn't allow for crust formation. It sticks WORSE than my regular baking pans (that are NOT non-stick). It's impossible to pick up when full--but the directions insist that you not put it on a cookie sheet. You also can't use a knife on it--well, just how do you remove a stuck muffin then? Oh, and you're not ever supposed to use cooking spray on it (or most other good pans, either, for that matter--it leaves a nasty residue after a number of uses that cannot be removed)

And some people are very sensitive to the taste of silicone--I can taste it in anything that's been baked in it. Other people don't notice that, and don't have a problem with it.

My best advice would be to borrow a piece of silicone bakeware from a friend to try before you buy. More people I know do NOT like it than do, so it shouldn't be too hard to beg a piece to use for a week or so. Bake a few things in it and see what you think. Better to borrow than buy, if you're not happy with the results. And if you do like it, you can always pick up a few pieces later.

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