All-Clad Stainless 12-Inch Chef's Pan

Rick SolieDecember 4, 2009

$200 on Amazon.

I like the "chef's" pans because I can make pasta sauce in the pan and the high sides allow me to then dump in the noodles to finish cooking in the sauce. The one I have is OK, but it warps from time to time and I have to beat it back into shape with a piece of 2x4 and a rubber mallet (whump!). Won't last forever. I don't do real wok cooking so that's not a concern, and I don't need non-stick.

Any opinions/alternatives?

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Saw an ad on cooking dot com today for a 12" All-Clad fry pan (not chef's pan) for $89.99. But since it isn't a chef's pan, may not be what you want.

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Rick Solie

Thanks. The chef's pans have higher sides than the frying pans (hence the high price, presumably).

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I'm not sure why you can't dump noodles into spagetti sauce in a dutch oven or even a big saute pan but I know what its like to get used to a certain way of doing something that works for you.
This site has what you are looking for for 119.00 (no lid)
w/lid 142.80

Are you sure the bottom is the same size as the one you have?

Is it worth it? Dunno. I have a small All Clad sauce pan and a bunch of LeCreuset. I do really like the feel of my little All Clad. Seems quite sturdy.

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There is an All Clad pan exclusive to williams-sonoma called the saute/simmer pan. It is a 4 qt capacity pan which sounds exactly what you are looking for. I have a large assortment of All Clad and Calphalon pans and ever since I bought this one from Williams-Sonoma, I swear it is the only one I use.

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