All Clad cookware for wife

frogboy2727December 1, 2010

I'd like to surprise my wife, with a new set of All Clad stainless cookware. Having observed her in Williams Sonoma, I know she was looking at the All Clad Stainless items. There's just the 2 of us. My wife is not a gourmet cook, but, likes to dabble alot. Nothing fancy, but, she enjoys her time in the kitchen (retired). So, anything from bacon & eggs, pancakes, cutlets, spaghetti, lasagna.

Now the bad part. I have no idea, of what would may make up, a nice assortment of cookware. Rather than purchasing an entire set and maybe wasting money on frivolous items, I'd rather buy her what she could really use. Could anyone put together a nice set of All Clad Stainless, for me. $700-$900 is fine by me. Thanks for your time.

Al ..

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The 3 qt saute pan, a 2 & 3 qt sauce pan and large stockpot.
I started out wanting the saute, stockpot and a 3 qt and found the small AC set that also included a non stick fry pan for less than buying each separate. I love the pans!

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Al, you are a good man! How about watching her cook a few things and taking notes of what size pans she uses the most, and take that list to the store. She can always return items if you get something wrong.

I'll add that I have two 1 qt saucepans, and find that I often use both.

For fry pans, tho, just get inexpensive non-stick pans (Costco has a set of two for about $20). The non-stick surface gets damaged over time with use, so they should be replaced. So don't spend a lot of money on those.

How about taking her out to a fancy lunch at a restaurant near the William Sonoma store and presenting her with a certificate for her heart's desire, and then go shopping after lunch?

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I think that is a wonderful present. All-Clad's are really nice pans.

There are other makers of fully-clad (stainless around aluminium core) cookware, but All-Clad is made (almost entirely) in the USA.

Have you noticed they have a unique handle? The handles are at a steeper angle, and have a funny "U" shape. The angled handle helps when you're carrying a heavy pan/pot (e.g., a full one), because the butt end of the handle can brace against your forearm. With a flat handle, your wrist has to do all the work. And when your hands are wet and slippery, you can press your thumb into the "U" which prevents the handle from rotating in your hand, like a smooth round handle would. This matters when you're trying to pour from a pot, for instance. I see people in the cookware store, saying "those All-Clad handles aren't comfortable" - as they're lifting empty pans with dry hands.

A 10'' fry pan is nice for omelettes. You can slide the omelette from pan to dish, because of the sloped sides.

I would try to get the sauce pans with the ''helper handle'' (the All-Clad website calls this a ''loop''), at least in the larger size. I imagine Williams-Sonoma could order this, even if they don't stock it.

Similarly, I'd want the saute pan to have a helper handle as well.

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There are two series of All-Clad, the old series and the newer D5. One of the features of the D5, if I'm not mistaken, is the steeper angle of the handles, which strikes me as a good innovation from the standpoint of maneuvering a full pan. Definitely (!) try the pans out in person, preferably with something inside them to mimic the weight of food, before purchase. While I like the idea of buying US-manufactured, when possible, I will add that AC makes lids and certain pieces in China. Also, personally, I prefer the handling and cooking on Viking stainless, but it's made in Belgium. Still, I think you're being a great hubby to the DW!

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The small fry pan (I think it's an 8") is nice for frying just a couple of eggs or a small piece of meat.

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Thanks everyone, for your thoughtful replies. After spending a couple of days, reading through all the posts, I decided on the following:
Scanpan non stick frypan.
All Clad roasting pan.
Tramontina stockpot/with pasta insert.
Demeyere Atlantis saucepan, frying pan, saute pan.
Staub round dutch oven.
A little of each, from various online resources. Surprisingly, I found some good discounts, on the Demeyere cookware. I think she'll be pleased. Happy holidays to all.

Al ..

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