Cream Whipper

SKennedy0421December 10, 2004

Does anyone have a cream whipper? I saw some on and there were three brands, ISI, Liss, and another one. I also checked e-Bay, and there are Whip It brand on there. This time of year, I am craving hot cocoa, lattes, and other hot drinks, and instant whipped cream would be great. Any input would be appreciated before I shell out $50, I want to make sure I know what I'm getting.

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I have an ISI whipper, though it's seldom used it works fine. I would check out local kitchen supply stores etc to see what brands replacement cartridges are easily available. ISI cartridges seem to be in most stores but I'm not sure whether they fit other makes.

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PK: Thanks for the response. How often does the cartridge need to be replaced? I see there are some places that sell them on line. This will probably be one of those gadgets that I use all the time for the first two weeks I have it, then it will sit around collecting dust! It just seems like such a time saver around the holidays.

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Consider the quick whip. No cartridges to replace, and it's less expensive too boot.

Note that I do not have one, but have seen them in catalouges for years.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quick Whip

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I was just reading another thread where someone mentioned a stick blender - I've been using that for whipping cream for a while and it works great! Quick, easy, less clean up than a big mixer (I confess I usually "wash" it by holding it under the instant boiling water tap for a little while).

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