Furi Knife Sharpening System

shezzy_in_sjDecember 4, 2005

Does anyone have this and what do you think. The reviews on Amazon were very good, and I saw it in person at Sur La Table. But would like to hear from people who've used it.



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I've never been a fan of any of the draw-through systems. This one seems as good as any, I suppose but I guess I'm kinda 'old school' in that I think the sharpening motion should be like slicing a very thin layer off the sharpener. I have used a Lansky, it's very good and the Syderco sharpener does serrated edges like nobody's business. Even just a regular stone works great for any kitchen knife I own.


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For the money, I'd get an EdgePro Apex. Practically every place you read about sharpening knives strongly recommends the EdgePro.

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That's a good one, SolarPowered. It works very much like the Lansky. I may like it better.


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I am always intrigued by these sharpening devices, but I still seem to come back to the basics: my $20 dollar wet stone and my sharpening steel. It's not that hard to learn to do properly.

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