Micowave question

bean_counter_z4December 20, 2006

I wondered which forum to post this on. The kitchen and appliance forums seem to be all about which new item to buy.

So... Here is my question or concern. I have a Panasonic microwave that is white to match my tile counter tops. Over the last couple years the plastic door frame around the window has yellowed to a sickening color. Has anyone else every had this problem with an appliance? Can the color be fixed? I hate to throw away a prefectly functional microwave but the color change is grossing me out. It only had a one year warranty, don't believe they are going to replace for discoloration.

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Have you tried baking soda on it? Make a paste with water, spread on, wait a bit, and scrub with a nylon scrubby. I kind of doubt that's going to help--I imagine it's just that the plastic itself has turned color over the time you've had it, but baking soda often works wonders, and it's harmless so can't hurt to try. Good luck.

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Thanks azzalea, I'll try anything--especially something as simple and harmless as baking soda. As you say, I have nothing lose.

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