Need new large non-teflon skillets in stainless steelbrands?

linnea56December 4, 2009

I checked my local food supply store: aluminum only, which I wonÂt use. I have been to store after store and they are all either too small or Teflon coated. I have a Revere ware copper bottom set I really like but the frying pan is only like 9 inches. I need more like 12. Do they make a 12? The only thing I have in a 12 is a little domed in the bottom, which rises higher when heated. Which is bad because everything browns more on the edges.

I would try cast iron but I donÂt think IÂd be able to lift it in that size. I canÂt afford the really high end stuff like Calphalon or that expensive enamel brand (Le Creuset?).

Any ideas or brands to recommend? Thanks!

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You might like Farberware Millenium. Its stainless steel and has a good heft & balance.

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I forgot to mention that Kohl's often has this on sale, and if you manage toget one or 15-20-30% coupons, it can be a real buy.

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Thanks! Where do you find the coupons? I checked their website and did not see any.

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Those coupons are sent by mail to their customers. However, they sometimes will advertise and include 15% off coupons on their web page or their ad inserts in the paper.

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Thanks! I went to their website last night and looked at this weekends ads for my closest store, and they had some that looked good. However, when I went to the store, they carried none of those. I was told that this store would not have those particular items. I wonder, what's the purpose of having an ad, if you are not going to carry the item advertised?

I thought I was going to get lucky quickly, but it looks like I will have to keep looking. I saw a T-fal one I may go back for, it was $40. That is a little more than I had hoped for, and made in China. I was hoping to find one NOT made in China (because of the recent cookware recalls) but that might be a hopeless fantasy.

Thanks for your help!

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Linnea56, I suggest the Tramontina TriPly skillet (they call it a saute pan). It is very well-priced for a tri-ply stainless steel pan, given the quality. I think tri-ply construction that goes up the sides (not just on the bottom) is an important feature in cookware. I believe the Farberware Millennium just has the disc on the bottom; I am not a fan of the disc construction because I believe it leads to food burning around the edges, but many people love the disc style, so it's up to you. Of course, All-clad is the tri-ply cookware that people really love, but it is so expensive. BTW, T-Fal are not good quality pans, I would avoid T-Fal.

Tramontina TriPly (make sure you see the TriPly version, because Tramontina makes a non-tri-ply version) is sold at Wal-Mart, and if they don't have it on the shelf, it is really easy to order it online and have it delivered to your nearest store for free, and returns are easy too. It comes in 12" and 10" sizes.

I have the Tramontina TriPly 10" skillet, and the 5-qt. dutch oven. I also have a couple of All-Clad frypans, and I prefer the Tramontina because the All-Clad handles are not comfortable for me, and the Tramontina are. Just note that for a skillet that is NOT non-stick, you need to bring the temperature high enough and have oil/butter before putting food in the pan for the food not to stick.

Here are links; you can read user ratings on them too.

Tramontina 10" TriPly Stainless Steel Saute Pan

Tramontina 12" TriPly Stainless Steel Saute Pan

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I have a cuisinart multi-clad 10" stainless frying pan and larger 13" everyday pan. Both are fully tri-ply up the sides, cook beautifully, and clean very easily. They have flat bottoms and vertical sides (not sloped), with beautiful flat covers & helper handles(like All Clad's). I bought the frypan at Homegoods a couple of years ago, and the larger one from Amazon's price was really good for the size of the pan and it came in just a few days.

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