Samsung Galaxy tab 2 help please

Zipper_TXDecember 5, 2012


My DM received a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 as a gift. I was able to connect it to her computer via its usb cable and transfer a couple free epub books to the Aldiko app on the tablet. I took it home with me to find more free books to load it with but when I connect it to my pc it says the device is a camera not a tablet.

I tried downloading Samsung's driver to my computer then after reconnecting the tablet, it doesn't show up as a device at all now. I therefore uninstalled the driver and am now back to my system telling me it's a camera.

Is there a way to fix this? Thank you for any and all help.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well why not use an sd card ,load it from your pc with the books insert card into sd slot in tablet then just access them from the card this saves room on the device. It is how I do it . Honestly with all the tablets I have I have never used the cable to connect to pc, not necessary. Another option is to simply email the epub files to her email she accesses from the tablet and then download it to the tablet . Thengo to downloads folder in the file manager and import it to aldiko or what ever reader app you use.

But seriously the sdcard is the way to go, you can put a ton of books as well as music and photos on it too. Leaving that stuff on the card saves all the room on the tablets internal memory from filling up .

You need to know if it takes a full size or microSD card, and most can take up to 32GB but you can get much smaller,and the prices are low on them.

For using the cable Ithink you have to specify it in settings for that use I will check I don't use it so I don't recall.

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Thanks, I figured it out finally. You have to have a usb driver for that tablet installed on your pc, but it took a long time digging to find the answer. I have a kindle and it's much easier for me to navigate :)

I am the tech department for my DM lol, and in this case she truly gets what she pays for :D

She has a brand new micro SD card to go in it now so she's set for a while anyhow.


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