Boureki, borek, fried meat pie

publickmanMay 10, 2011

I'm posting the pictures here because that's all I can do at the moment, and will write a description on the discussions side.

Image link:

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OOOOH, those look great Lars.


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I agree, those do look delicious, kind of like an egg roll, but I'm assuming it's beef filling? I remember that Kevin does not eat pork.


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Annie, I made the filling with cooked chicken. I guess they would be egg rolls if I had used egg roll wrappers, but since I used puff pastry, they get a different name! The puff pastry is very rich and I should probably make some more. I had a huge batch of egg rolls last week, and I made them with ground turkey. It's about time to change to oil in my deep fryer, and so I'll probably make tempura fish next. I wonder how fish would be deep fried in a puff pastry. I might have to experiment with that.


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