I dont want to mess up my new cookware!!!

kashka_katDecember 16, 2011

I am so happy to be able to afford at this point in my life some nice stainless steel cookware - got three pieces of all clad, plus some various other things that I liked.

Im afraid to start using it! I read and understand the instructions that came with all clad, but please clarify for me:

Supposed to use low/med heat, but what about just getting water up to a boil. Is it OK to hurry it along by putting on high, then turning it down? Or just no high heat - period.

OK to use metal utensils?

Do you really use this in an oven? I can't see doing that without getting blobs of stuff burnt on that doen't come off. I just threw out a few cookie sheets that were stained and burned beyond recognition.

My old set had some black burn stains that never came out as well as pitted surface and even one burn spot where the steel layer started peeling away. How to avoid all that?

Finally last but not least - what should I expect will happen with that flawless mirror finish? Will it eventually get all scratched up? Looks so beautiful now I want to be be psychologically prepared for the first bad scratch!

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First get some Barkeepers Friend. Remember to heat pan first, then added oil and last the food. Yes I put my SS AC in the oven & DW. I have had a bluish rainbow inside some pans from over heating I think. White vinegar or BKfriend removes it. I tend to use wood or silicon utensils mostly. I have let things burn (to much time on the computer) In that case I put some water and cream of tarter and heated the mix - kept stiring with wood spoon and all of it came off. Enjoy your AC.

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I've got all-clad. And I use it on high heat on a regular basis--so far so good (I've had it for about 6 years). I use metal utensils, as well as silicone (don't like wooden utensils, since they're porous and I'm not comfortable about getting them truly clean). And yes, I've used it in the oven, as well. You shouldn't get burned on spots, if you clean the pieces well after each use. If you do see some of those speckles starting to form, 'scour' the pan with a little baking soda--it takes them right off (would have saved your cookie sheets, if used regularly).

Barkeeper's Friend is a good idea, but I only use toxic cleaners as a last resort on surfaces that touch food--baking soda is a better choice--it does an amazing job of cleaning, is non-toxic, non-abrasive, kills germs, deoderizes, etc. It's the first cleaner I reach for in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

One caution--if you're new to All-Clad, and if your previous pans had coated handles. the All Clad handles will get quite hot after a while--be sure to always use a potholder when picking up the pans after they've been on the range.

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oh oh oh! can I be "that" guy ;) If you're afraid to use them, then perhaps return and get something you're not going to worry/stress about.

Now with that being said.. heat pan first, add oil or butter then food and enjoy a great meal.

It's like a new car, furniture or house. You'll pamper it to death for as long as you can, then once the first door ding, spill or broken window happens then you'll relax and enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

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Hello JCW - we meet again! Well, I think I'll recover from the trauma - just wanted to be prepared!

Do you use the barkeepers friend on the FLAWLESS mirror finish? Do I want to use something that abrasive? I just got some BKF and tried it on my SS sink - I wiped against the grain and seem to have some nice scratches perpendicular to the grain (so that's why they say to scrub in the direction of the grain. Duh.)

Dumb question - how hot is hot? I heat the empty pan first, using medium heat, then add oil/food. What about water/rice or anything liquid - same approach? Thanks again!

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All Clad recommends Bar Keepers Friend. It doesn't scratch the mirror finish. I only use it if I have really stuck on food. Heat the pan till about the temp you intend to cook - I have a pretty high BTU gas range and usually 1-2 mins. Then add the oil and let it get hot, NOT BURN, then add the food to fry pan. Sauce pans just cook like you would normally.

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