Do I have the right kind of cookware for a smooth top stove?

jenn3292December 27, 2006

I got a set of Wearever Radiance for Christmas and I don't know if should use it on my smooth top stove. It has ridges on the bottom and it coated with porcelain.

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I am not familiar with the cookware but generally in the booklet that came with pans it will say what type of range it is acceptable for. Sometimes even on the bottom of the pans. Also your range booklet should say what pans are okay to use.

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As eandhl said, the booklet should have the info in it. But just know that the more ridges you have, the less physical contact you'll have between the burner element and the pot/pan. Without seeing the size/number of ridges, I cannot say what the impact will be.


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