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marie26December 19, 2005

Is there a brand of everyday, inexpensive dishes that can be used safely in the microwave? I'd also like to be able to buy pieces instead of a set since I particularly need the bowls. I've purchased several brands of bowls recently and they all get too hot too touch after being in the microwave. TIA

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I use Bennington Pottery. They go to freezer, oven, d/w, & microwave. I don't know what you consider inexpensive. They can get hot in the microwave. They are sold as individual pieces (on the website I think it's just sets but you can call & order anything you want). All of their glazes compliment each other if you're inclined to mix-n-match. Been using them for years. We have the mustard, green agate, and the tavern as a mixed set.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bennington Pottery

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Those are great, Tricia. I doubt I could get my wife to switch. We have been using this Corelle Pink Trio set for many years but I really like the Tavernware glaze. Hmmmmm. How to get her to want these???


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The Fiesta dishes are good in the MW, I have a set of terra cotta dishes that get really hot in the MW, had to get rid of them.

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I love Bennington...but it's pottery and heavy....
I have some rather simple fine china....porcelain that I use for every day.....and really like it....mainly because a stack of plates don't weigh a ton.....and it wears really well....doesn't chip.
But I really love that heavy pottery stuff....hand made.....
But I have trouble lifting 6 or so plates over my head to put away...
Linda C

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Another thing that I really like about Bennington Pottery is that it is handmade in AMERICA...

The pottery is considered collectible and there's a strong secondary market for it. I also enjoy that I can add to my collection at any time no matter the style or glaze that I want. If I break a piece, and I did loose a presentation piece in our last move, it is replaceable.

Is it heavy? Well, certainly heavier than porcelain but not as heavy as my 19th c. ironstone pieces. I could not lift a full service for four at one time of this pottery but lifting a half-dozen dinner plates is not a problem. For the pieces I use to bake in, I like the weight and the cooking properties of pottery. For my quick breads, Bennington Pottery is my first choice in baking pans. I've learned that if I stick the pan in the oven while my oven is preheating and I'm mixing up the batter...when I'm ready to put it in the oven to bake the pan has heated up...I get a beautifully raised, shaped loaf with a yummy crust that I just can't seem to duplicate with a metal pan. Also, this pottery is non-stick due to its glaze so it's easy to work with.

We all have hundreds if not thousands of choices today in dinnerware. Almost all of it made in China or someplace else in that area. Much of it is inexpensive and, for many families, probably a good choice. But, if you're looking for something that you won't need to replace, can add to or mix-n-match, goes from oven to table in style, and if supporting made in America is important to you...then Bennington Pottery is a good place to start looking. A visit to their potter's yard is really fun...I've spent many a full day puttering around browsing through their "one of a kind" area as well as the main display store. The tour is also fun and educational.

The last time we were there (4-5 years ago now)...they had just delivered several sets of matching pottery to Martha Stewart...one set for each of her homes. She personally inspected each & every piece rejecting quite a few for reasons I couldn't see. Anyway, they were selling Martha's rejects. Bennington Pottery had specially designed the set for her so there will be no more of that style available. It was lovely stuff. I didn't buy any 'cause I couldn't add to it but sure had fun rummaging through...felt like going through somebody's trash, almost! lol :-)

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