DD asking for cookware for Christmas - suggestions?

kim0201December 2, 2009

My 28 yo DD is asking for a set of cookware for Christmas. She currently has a set of starter no-name type pots/pans which are very light weight but have served her needs. She does not spend a lot of time in the kitchen (she's a single busy career woman) so I'm not thinking high end culinary, but looking more for something of decent quality & weight which cleans up well and will last her for several years. I remember when my DDs were young, an aunt recommended I get a set of Farberware - she said her children had scorched things while cooking, etc and w/ an SOS pad & elbow grease, it always cleaned up & looked good.

Do you have suggestions for what has worked for you/your family? I'd like to keep it under $150/set and I'm thinking Amazon might have some deals for under $100. Thank you in advance & happy holidays!

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I don't know where you live, but if you have a Corning/Revere ware outlet near you they keep nice cookware for reasonable prices.

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If you are in Canada, check out the Lagostina at Canadian Tire. Last I checked they had the Lagostina Commercial Pro at 60% off. I have the cookware and can vouch it is quality cookware.

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Not sure if you got your question answered. My 2c would be to not go for a complete set but rather get her a good quality couple of pots in SS. Frying pans is one of the most versatile cookware that I have used -- can be used to make many dishes. You can check on Amazon.com for good deals, free shipping too for that price.

Some brands I'd recommend are All Clad and Macy's seems to have some store brands that are pretty nice but not as heavy.

Hope this helps!

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I think my mom's had the same set of Revereware pans my entire life. I've had mine for 17 years now. I don't use the frying pans anymore since I've gotten some nice nonstick ones (I've got Circulon), but the saucepans and steamer get weekly if not daily use.

I was almost tempted by an enameled cast iron dutch oven at Macy's today but it doesn't have a flat bottom so I couldn't use it on my solid stovetop. I didn't really need to spend any more money today anyway.

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